Best vacuum for hardwood floors and rugs

Hardwood floor is one of the popular flooring that people like to install in bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living rooms, and entryway with optional decoration rugs to match color patterns or provide warmth in the home. However, these two surfaces pose a cleaning problem; you’ll need the right vacuum for hardwood floors and rugs. Although one is appealing to the eyes, the other is comfortable to the feet, growing numbers of homeowners love the advantages of both. Thankfully, vacuum cleaner designers have made considerable strides in providing the right vacuum model for practical use on all surfaces.

This article will be reviewing the below best vacuums for hardwood floors and rugs

Type Of Vacuum Work Best For Hardwood Floors And Rugs

Vacuuming hardwood floor
Vacuuming hardwood floor

The most versatile model of vacuum cleaner is a canister vacuum as it’s suitable for-cleaning multi-surfaces and, in my view and the view of several others, the best choice for both hardwood floors and rugs.

  • Canister vacuums sense the transition of floor material automatically and change the brush roll speed appropriately to avoid damage to floors. The customizable roller speed control helps users to slow down the movement of the brush while working on rough surface floors and increase the speed to tackle your rugs better.
  • The canister’s lightweight and versatile nature and sturdy handle make it convenient to move it from rugs to hardwood floors with ease. The design of the canisters rubber wheels allows them to roll around slowly on all types of surfaces without harming them during a cleaning session.
  • The canister vacuum cleans rugs using a multi-stage filtration system. More potent suction is required as it penetrates the fabrics and removes debris from below. For hardwood floors, you can turn the suction mode to standard suction vice versa, changing to match the surface style.
  • Canister vacuum works with numerous brush accessories and power settings specially made for each surface. The control of power allows for sufficient suction to be delivered to clean rugs vice versa for hardwood floors.

Good Practice To Vacuum Hardwood Floors

Nothing extracts debris and small dirt residue as well as a vacuum cleaner from wood floor crevices and cracks. Effective vacuuming preserves the finish of hardwood as well as maintains its look. Use a brush or a felt surface attachment that runs across the floor. Attachments may scratch the surface with a beater bar or rotating brushes.

Switch off the beater bar of the unit, while using a hard-floor extension for hardwood floors vacuuming, and clean the wheels and brushes off any possible surface-scratching material such as grit that could damage the surfaces. Each day you vacuum a hard surface, brush the corners of the room as dust and debris collect there readily as do pet fur and fluff while vacuuming planks in the same direction.

Good Practice To Vacuum Rugs

Slow vacuuming of rugs clear dirt quickly. Clean weekly to reduce ground-in dirt’s abrasive impact. Start by the ramp, and with each pass overlap, the vacuum strips a little because the vacuum cleaner does not operate as well at the edges. Give extra heed to places that are commonly used, such as passageways. There is no need to vacuum the corners each time you clean; strive for a comprehensive session cleaning corners monthly. Use the crevice nozzle and dust cleaner while you do vacuum the corners.

Buying Guide: Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Rugs

Mobility and Versatility

You will want to buy a vacuum that will come with versatile accessories to thoroughly clean hardwood floors and area rugs without scratching or damaging the floors. There’s even a real possibility that, due to the daunting task of wrestling a massive vacuum while cleaning, one can leave out or miss dirt and debris, which can take up long-term residence. The opportunity to bring out a lightweight vacuum cleaner for a fast pick-up job or rolling out the ever-ready canister for a heavy-duty task can help to maximize the amount of cleaning and encourage a dramatic decrease in particle accumulation. 

Storage and Maintenance

When scouting out a vacuum, a frequently ignored factor is where the vacuum cleaner will be stored when not being used to clean. An example being canister vacuums are heavy-duty cleaners; they provide some significant results in the field of debris removal but require ample storage space, while other vacuums use smaller storage space.

The overall maintenance needed to maintain a vacuum suction includes keeping storage bags, bins, and filters clean and clear of blockage and debris. Usually, a bagged vacuum system integrates the primary screen into the reusable bag. That means you’re still changing the filter every time you remove the container. That ensures you’ll need to do minimum maintenance to sustain these vacuum cleaners’ operation.

Power Source

The specifications of suction strength can differ according to the surface. You need to find a vacuum with several power modes from at least two power levels to three or more, to get the best results from money spent. The more control modes available, the more you’ll be able to clean. Thick rugs would need considerably more strength, as they rely on a beater brush’s deep vortex to scoop the debris into the vessel and out from the rug. Usually, hardwood floors don’t need as much strength as area rugs. In reality, you run the risk of destroying your surface floors if your vacuum suction is too high.

Consumer Reviews

The informative and often unreliable world of customer feedback and surveys will help paint an image of what a genuine vacuum-relationship is. Helpful tidbits, informative insight into the design and development of new models, and the recurring problems can help with the ranking process, particularly when determining the true worth of a vacuum in multiple uses.


You can pay less or pay more when buying a vacuum; it depends on your budget and preference. The most critical factors impacting the price are the manufacturer, specifications (e.g., approved filtration systems), engine strength (high-power engines require higher rates), and reliability (high-quality components made to last can cost more than vacuums). The most critical factor influencing price is the vacuum style. The cheapest tend to be stick vacuums, with upright vacuums following, then canister vacuums. The costliest, though, are robot vacuums.

Review of the 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners

Below is a list of the best vacuum for hardwood floors and rugs in the market. A brief synopsis, along with pros, cons are provided.

Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless model vacuum cleaner is of a lightweight design providing easy mobility without cable disruptions. Its best feature is the turbo brush and brush bar that comes with alternating hard and soft bristles that are best for deep cleaning carpeted areas. Similarly, there is also a separate floor nozzle that simultaneously removes fine dust and large debris on hardwood surfaces using a soft roller cleaner head with assistance from the instant trigger release.

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner can convert into a handheld bagless unit as it is detachable. The handheld vacuum comes with stiff nylon bristles powered by a mini motorized tool that helps to eliminate dirt and pet hair ground in furniture, tight spaces, ceilings, and staircases. It is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that is battery powered. Can be docked, and recharged, operating for 20 minutes on full power—additionally using 2 tier radial cyclones to generate high centrifugal forces of suction picking up particles in the air into the bin.


  • Cordless
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Powerful suction 
  • Lightweight


  • Dirt sticks to bin easily

Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away

This vacuum cleaner’s innovative design feature is its two brush rolls that can lift away large, small, and stuck dirt particles on all surface types as a triple particle cleaner powerhouse. As a result, this cleaner pulls in large and high particles into the vacuum cleaner without bulldozing, but directly attacking the debris. Likewise, using its soft bristles, the vacuum cleaner engages directly with the floor eliminating dust stuck on surface floors for a polished finish, while the powerful suction and bristle brush-roll deep clean rugs to remove the dirt and debris stuck on. 

Moreover, the cleaner uses an advanced and dynamic swivel steering technology to control and maneuver over obstacles in the way while cleaning. Also, while cleaning under furniture and in dark corners, the cleaner is guided by LED lights on the nozzle and handles capturing all missed dust and dirt. 


  • Triple particle cleaner
  • Deep cleans all surface types.
  • Dynamic swivel steering for easy maneuvering and control
  • Guided clean using LED lights
  • Easy to clean and change attachments


  • Short lasting roller brushes
  • Small powerhead

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic

This canister vacuum is a powerful cleaner that contributes to effortless cleaning using its metal telescoping wand that comfortably reaches tight areas like ceilings, and under furniture. The design is primarily for hard floor cleaning using the featured turbine foot. The benefit of this technology sees cleaning of hard floors using a unique turbine hard floor brush that’s gentle on the floors but tough on grime and dirt.

Besides, you can clean rugs and carpets using a multi-surface foot that picks up debris and dirt from all surfaces perfectly. Also, using multi-cyclonic technology, the suction of all dust and debris on all surfaces can be achieved using adjustable power settings to suit surface type. It can automatically rewind the power cord onto the machine for secure storage while also offering additional onboard storage on the lightweight and compact design for cleaning tools that can be conveniently accessed when needed while cleaning.


  • Best hardwood floor vacuum
  • Multi-surface cleaner 
  • Uses multi-cyclonic technology 
  • Lightweight 
  • Plug retractor 


  • Not ideal for pet hair
  • Not suitable for large-sized debris

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum

This upright vacuum cleaner is ultra-lightweight and quickly converts to a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. For the vacuum cleaner to capture embedded pet hair, it uses a pet multi-tool on all surfaces as well as a duster crevice tool together with the motorized floor nozzle and wand to extend reach into spaces that are small on multiple surfaces.

It’s equipped with an advanced swivel steering to allow for excellent control while maneuvering around furniture, guided by the LED headlights to reveal debris. An additional feature that makes this cleaner unique is its large XL-capacity sized dust cup that will allow for longer cleaning time without emptying the dustbin. The vacuum attachments can be easily detached for easy cleaning using running water and allowing the filters to air dry completely before next use when inserted into the vacuum again.


  • Lightweight cleaner
  • Can clean multiple surfaces
  • Comes with an extra-large dust cup
  • Uses LED lights 


  • Neck attachments usually fall off
  • Uses a cord for power, the cable can limit movement

ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This highly versatile vacuum cleaner is a great cordless machine to use on a day to day basis as it is good for the environment. It uses a powerful eco mode suction that sees vacuuming on hard surfaces while saving battery from the sufficient 2200mAh battery power for daily cleaning. It additionally uses turbo mode for picking up cat litter or pet hairs on rugs and carpets using its extra powerful suction. 

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner together with 6 LED corner lights, brighten the cleaning paths of all dark and hard to reach areas. The vacuum uses rubber wheels to protect floors from any scratches or marks.

Besides easy cleaning, this vacuum cleaner can store easily in any closet by folding the vacuum from an upright position. It also can be easily recharged automatically, taking 4 hours to recharge by placing the vacuum cleaner after use on the charging base, automatically stopping when charged fully.


  • 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • 6 LED Corner Headlights for guided cleaning
  • Max mode and Eco mode Powerful suction
  • Auto charging base


  • Not suitable for heavy cleaning
  • Low dust capacity

Final Verdict

With the numerous vacuum cleaning models available on the market, choosing the essential cleaner that is perfect for your home surfaces and your cleaning needs can be a challenge. However, the winning vacuuming cleaner that best for hard floors and rugs from the above will be the Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away. This vacuum multi-surface cleaner offers high-quality cleaning with excellent long term benefits. It’s innovative two brush roll; unique design features provide triple particle cleaning ability to deep clean all types surfaces from rugs to hard floors and all sizes of debris and dirt, making it stand out.


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