Best multi purpose steam cleaner

When it comes to home cleaning, steam is a powerful and essential weapon. This hot vapor penetrates and kills bacteria, disinfecting household furniture. Never has steam become so crucial than today when we fear the spreading of the coronavirus. Protecting our homes and making sure the virus is removed from all surfaces, so our families stay safe is an important task. Multi-purpose steam cleaners are a tool we all need as they are environmentally friendly and offer an effective cleaning method while sanitizing many surfaces.

This article will be reviewing the below best multi-purpose steam cleaners.

How to Choose a multi purpose steam cleaner

Cleaning surface

Cleaning the floor with a steam mop
Cleaning the floor with a steam mop

Steam cleaners are best for cleaning numerous types of surfaces from floors, curtains, grout lines, windows, and upholstery. It’s best and advisable to buy a model that specializes in a particular surface type for the best cleaning effect despite many steamers being multipurpose cleaners. Steam mops are best for cleaning floors, from tiles to hardwood floors, while handheld steam cleaners are the most natural and most efficient cleaners for sinks, kitchen countertops, bathtubs, e.t.c. The cylinder steam cleaners are best on washable surfaces such as bathroom tiles and kitchen tops. Finally, use vapor steam cleaners on all surfaces but best on wood surfaces.

Water Tank Size

The steam cleaners with larger tank sizes are best for bigger cleaning jobs as not much refilling is required. The larger tanks are heavy to store, carry or move and take a longer time to heat up while smaller tank sizes can be easily stored and maneuvered and take less time to heat up for faster cleaning. Cylinder models mostly have tanks of significant volume, carrying up to two liters for some, while we see a capacity of 250-450ml for steam mops. It’s also important to consider if the tank can be removed and conveniently filled at the tap or whether it needs refilling using a jug.

Cleaner Type

handheld steam cleaner
handheld steam cleaner

Steam mop

Compared to ordinary mops, steam mops are practical and efficient as their lightweight in design. They are easy to maneuver where there is furniture because of their head that’s double-hinged and swivel. 

Cylinder steam cleaners

The best cylinder steam cleaners produce a force that cleans away grease, allergies, and dust mites while sanitizing as well. They come with a large-sized water tank in their body with a bendy hose that can use different attachments for different cleaning purposes. 

Handheld cleaners 

For small, quick, easy cleaning tasks, the best multi-purpose steam cleaners are handheld. They are limited in use as they need refilling often but are fast in heating up. 

Vapor steam cleaner

Vapor steam cleaners are identical to cylinder steam cleaners in shape and function, with some of the same advantages. The most crucial difference in this steam cleaner is that it offers dry cleaning and requires no waiting for it to dry.

Cleaning Purpose

Use steam cleaner on car seat
Use steam cleaner on car seat

Steam cleaners are good household cleaners for several reasons like removing tough stains, blitzing away bacteria, and sanitizing, ensuring germ-free homes. It’s essential to choose the right steam cleaner as steam cleaners produce hot vapor molecules that are best at penetrating surface pores and with contact with a cold surface cause expansion, which sees all bacteria, debris, grease, and dirt removed out of the surfaces. It is advisable to use steam cleaners to disinfect furnishings such as mattresses, upholstery, and other floor surfaces that cannot be cleaned by regular detergents but used by multiple people. The vapor molecules released from the steam are effective in eliminating a virus like the Coronavirus. 


The best steam cleaners typically come with a variety of attachments from 8-20 pieces for multi-purpose cleaning on different surface types. It’s essential to choose a steamer model with the accessories you need for your cleaning purpose, or you might incur extra charges by purchasing those attachments separately at additional cost. The steam cleaner should come with standard attachments such as brushes,cleaning pads, nozzles, squeegees and carpet gliders. The most important thing to remember is the attachments should be of functionality to your cleaning purpose. There’s no point in purchasing a steam cleaner, which won’t allow you to clean the surfaces you want cleaning.

Material and Designs 

Steam cleaners are mostly compact in design, making them the perfect sizes to be stored as they can fit into cupboards. They come in different designs and sizes that allow for water tanks to be installed internally for most models. The multi-purpose steam cleaner may be a great alternative because one design is ideal for multiple tasks and various surfaces while being able to withstand the heat from the water because of the strong materials they are created from. 

Advantages of using a multi-purpose steam cleaner

  • Eco Friendly. Steam cleaners use steam and not harsh chemicals to kill bacteria and germs while cleaning off dirt, making them environmentally friendly.
  • Safe/Child-Friendly. As there is no use of chemicals while steam cleaning, it’s safe and healthy around children and pets. Steam cleaning doesn’t cause lung or skin irritation from the use of detergents
  • Multi-purpose Cleaning. These steam cleaners come with various attachments that allow the machine to clean everything from oven grease to garage mold. They are so versatile they can clean hard floors, tiles, and carpets.
  • Efficient Cost. Initially, a steam cleaner is higher than other disinfectants such as mops, but the operating costs are small once you have bought it. You don’t need to purchase additional goods or substitute chemicals besides electricity.
  • Relief from allergies. The highly pressurized steam kills bacteria, germs and cleans away dust mites, which is perfect for allergy sufferers.

Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner Reviews:

Here is a selection of this year’s best multi purpose steam cleaner. A short overview is presented along with advantages and disadvantages.

Sienna Luna Plus Steamer

This steam cleaner is a one of a kind cleaner that uses an advanced vibration technology known as the micro sonic pulse. This cleaning feature helps loosen grime and dirt on all floor surfaces. This technology benefits the user by providing effective scrubbing that helps save time and effort. 

One thing I like about this steamer is the LED headlights that guide the cleaner and, together with the blacklight, can highlight dirty areas missed by the front lights for additional effective cleaning. Additionally, it comes with a three-level steam control feature that aids in the cleaning of different floor types, ensuring the use of an ideal heat on each surface type.

Besides, this steamer comes with a kit with 12 attachments like the window squeegee, washable eco microfiber cloth, carpet glider kit, and so on. Those attachments allow the user to turn the steamer into a multi-purpose cleaner that can clean windows, floors, and even toys for children.


  • Uses a sonic micro pulse vibration
  • Breaks up Dirt and Grime easily
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Reusable microfiber pad
  • LED headlight
  • Comes with 12 attachment pieces


  • Smaller water tank
  • The mop head size makes it challenging to get under furniture

PurSteam Steamers 

If you’re looking for a steam cleaner that is portable, and lightweight then this handheld cleaner is something to consider. It comes with a long cable that helps the user to conveniently maneuver the machine from room to room with ease, as well as allow the user to clean large surface areas without much socket plug swap.

Another unique feature that makes this steam cleaner appealing is its ability to remove wrinkles or iron out wrinkles out of clothing and drapes, safely clean, sanitize and freshen up bed spreads, mattresses, pillows and sheets only using pressurized hot steam. Similarly, the production of hot steam is achievable in 3-4 minutes heat uptime.

Moreover, this steam cleaner comes with a kit of 9 attachment pieces that include an extension hose that helps reach hard to get areas, a window squeegee, ironing brush, and so on. Some of the uses of the attachment brushes that come with this cleaner include cleaning upholstery, barbecue grills, and indoor or outdoor furniture.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Eliminates mold, grease e.t.c
  • Cleans multiple floor surfaces
  • Heats water in 4 minutes
  • Comes with nine attachment pieces


  • Small tank size
  • Needs measuring cup to refill

Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner 

If you are looking to deep clean your home, you should consider this multipurpose professional steamer. It uses various attachments such as a machine-washable steam mop for the household flooring and the steam nozzle to blast through the toughest grime and dirt on numerous surface types from its 15 multi-facet attachment kit,

An additional feature that makes this steamer desirable is that it comes with a large-sized tank that is easy to fill up. The hot steam produced is heated within 8 minutes, continuously cleaning for 45 minutes without any interruptions using an on-demand steam control button.

Furthermore, the steamer offers maximum portability because of its Integrated cord wrap, which allows the user to wrap the 15-foot power cable onto the steam cleaner so it can be moved or stored without Interruptions or knots ensuring safe storage. Additionally, it also comes with a carrying handle, wheels for added maneuvering, and a hose to clean areas hard to reach. 


  • Deep cleans tough grime and dirt
  • Cleans multiple floor types
  • Comes with a washable steam mop
  • It is portable
  • Comes with a large water tank


  • It has a short steam hose
  • It is suitable for heavy clean use

McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner

This steamer is getting popular in the market because it produces steam in a fast time, heating water in under 3 minutes, which helps to ensure fast cleaning. It also comes with a durable jet nozzle that is powerful; unlike any other, the nozzle directly focuses on blasting away grime and dirt efficiently. 

Another great feature about this steamer is the design of the water tank, which allows for refilling of water directly at the tap instead of using a refilling cup providing fast refills for a continuous clean of 10mins per refill. This cleaner comes with a lockable steam trigger, which can be pressed on-demand with no further pressing required while cleaning.

Besides, this cleaner comes with a versatile kit of 11attachments, including a 34inch extension hose to clean hard to reach places. The attachable brushes are ideal for adding scrubbing power to scrape and remove hardened grease and grime on many home surfaces from ceramic tile, carpets, and more.


  • Quick Heat-up time 
  • Scrubs hardened grease and grime
  • Easy refilling of the water tank
  • Lockable steam trigger
  • Long extension hose
  • Strong cleaning brushes


  • The steamer can burn if not correctly used
  • Not the suitable for cleaning the grout

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop

This steamer is a very advanced cleaner built with a smart switch that helps control the release of steam whereby when the steam mop is standing upright, no steam can be released, whereas when the machine is in motion with the handle tilted steam is released. Placing your finger on the touch sensor can activate and deactivate the steamer’s power.

Another feature from this steamer is its ability to detach itself into a handheld cleaner from a steam mop. This steamer cleans an assortment of surfaces from ceramic, marble, vinyl, tile, grout, and hardwood floors in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and on upholstery using a variety of attachments from grout cleaning brushes to a microfibre mop and so on. The steam setting can is adjustable from the low, medium, and high based on the cleaning requirements of the various surface floors.

Furthermore, this steam cleaner offers quick-drying after eliminating all the sticky and greasy messes without streak and also offers fast heat up at 30 seconds.


  • Uses a smart switch for steam control
  • Touch sensor for power mode control
  • Detachable
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Fast heat-up time


  • Inconsistent steam release
  • Harder to push on hardwood floors


The best multipurpose steam cleaner from the above to help you sanitize your home and protect you and your family will be the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop. This steam cleaner detaches itself from a steam mop into a handheld steamer, thus showing its ability as a multipurpose cleaner. It generates steam very fast at only 30sec heat-up time and, together with its versatile cleaning attachments, kills off bacteria, eliminating grime and dirt without using chemicals. The cleaner can be maneuvered throughout the home quickly, cleaning fast, saving time and effort while being environmentally friendly and safe.

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