best handheld steam cleaner

Best handheld steam cleaner

Steam cleaner is a powerful tool that cuts through dirt and melts the grease of your floors, grout, windows or carpets. Handheld steamers clean easily in awkward and tight locations as you can carry the portable cleaner to the spots. They are amongst the most versatile and popular appliances for cleaning homes. The choice of the right steam cleaner depends on what tasks need completion in your home. To help guide you, below, I’ll discuss some of the main factors you need to consider when purchasing the best handheld cleaner.

This article will be reviewing the below best handheld steam cleaners:

Review Of The Best handheld steam cleaner


This handheld steam cleaner is a multi functional cleaner. It comes with a long cable that helps the user conveniently maneuver the machine from room to room with ease and allow the user to clean large surface areas without much socket plug swap.

Another unique feature that makes this steam cleaner appealing is its ability to remove wrinkles or iron wrinkles from clothing and drapes, safely cleaning, sanitizing, and freshening up bedspreads, mattresses, pillows, and sheets only using pressurized hot steam. Similarly, the production of hot steam is achievable within 3-4 minutes of heat up time.

Moreover, this steam cleaner is vastly versatile, coming with a kit of 9 attachment pieces that include an extension hose that helps reach hard to get areas, a window squeegee, ironing brush, and so on. Some of the uses of the attachment brushes that come with this cleaner include cleaning upholstery, barbecue grills, and indoor or outdoor furniture.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Eliminates mold and grease
  • Cleans multiple floor surfaces
  • Heats water in four minutes
  • Comes with nine attachment pieces
  • Small tank size
  • Needs measuring cup to refill


This handheld steam cleaner is suitable for cleaning grout and stains off floors, kitchen cabinets, and counters. It features an easy steam control button that only needs you to press and hold to release high pressure steam when you clean. You can safely deep clean your home without using chemicals and without worrying about releasing harmful fumes. making it unsafe for the environment and your family. 

Additionally, the steam cleaner comes with additional accessories that will make it become a versatile cleaner. The steam cleaner comes with a water tank capacity of 6.6 ounces that ensures your water heats up fast within 30 seconds, allowing you to clean quickly without having to wait long for the water to heat up so you can have some form of a continuous clean. Furthermore, you can move around the home easily as it comes with a long power cord that allows you to cleaner further from the power socket.

  • Multiple attachments
  • Heats water fast with 30 seconds
  • Safe on virtually all sealed hard surfaces
  • Long power cord up to 20 feet
  • Bristle brushes don’t last long
  • Not best for built-up grease and dirt

FFDDY Steam Cleaner

This steamer is suitable to use on sealed surfaces including ceramic, vinyl, laminate, granite, marble, and hardwood floors. Users can use it to clean the kitchen area, bathroom, toilet, car seats, kids toy, mattresses and linen, and sofa cleaning.

Its water tank can fill up to 350 ml which can be used continuously for about five to seven minutes. It can produce high-pressure steam, with an easy-to-press trigger, it can deliver steam on demand. Besides, it is has a nine-feet power cord and lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver efficiently and to easily clean hard to reach areas.  

There are a total of nine accessories includes an extended nozzle, spray cup with a brush, bent spray, funnel, measuring cup, spray cup for door and window, towel sleeve, brush plate, long spray cup. Furthermore, this steamer has a unique child lock and safety cover.  You are no need to worry about your children touch it and get injured accidentally or hurting yourself when cleaning.  

  • Multipurpose
  • Accessory kits come together
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Safety feature
  • The brushes attachment easy wore out
  • No manufacturer details

Comforday Pressurized Steam Cleaner

This powerful handheld steam cleaner is a great multi-purpose cleaner that can clean different materials from multiple floor types to kids’ toys, and mattresses. It is aided by the additional nine accessories in its kit, which will aid in maneuvering the steamer comfortably within the home for easy cleaning and improved reach from its long cord and extension nozzle. 

You will appreciate the emission of steady pressurized hot steam from the steam cleaner that will heat to 250-270 Fahrenheit giving you 15-20 minutes of cleaning time—additionally helping you clean dirt and grease in hard to reach areas within your home. One thing to take note is this cleaner cannot be tipped more than 45 degrees as it will result in boiling water spraying out and cause scalding.

Additionally, you can enjoy extra security that ensures no hot water spills as it comes with a safety cap and a safety lock on the handle. While adding you clean in versatile areas indoors and outdoors

  • Up to 20 minutes cleaning time
  • Have a test run function to ensure no leaking of water and steam
  • Has a safety lock and safety cap
  • Versatile cleaner
  • Easy confusion between the on/off switch and the safety lock

Hoover TwinTank

There are two tanks in this cleaner, which is called dual tank technology. The function of these tanks is to allow the user to clean with steam alone or whit the Hoover cleaning solution. Some stain is hard to clean with a short exposure time of steam, and the surface may damage if the steam stays for a longer time. With the Hoover cleaning solution in the steamer, it can clean quickly and effectively, aided by the heat and ease of steam.

The user can control the steam amount for different cleaning surfaces and the cleaning solution amount for the tough stain. Besides, this steamer has a “steam ready” indicator when the steam is ready for use. With a long power cord, the user can carry it from room to room without the hassle of unplugging. 

A few attachments come together with this steamer, which includes bathroom cleaning tools, fabric and glass tools, multiple nylon and wire brushes, wide-reach wedge tool and pad, and detailing wand and pad. All the attachment is easy to use and cover all your cleaning needs.

  • Dual tank technology
  • Multiple accessories
  • Controllable steam and cleaning solution amount
  • Long power cord
  • Before refilling water, it needs to be cool before the safety cap can be removed
  • Need to wait for five to ten minutes to heat up

Final Verdict

The Hoover TwinTank is the best handheld steam cleaner from the above list as it comes with a larger water tank size that allows the user to have longer cleaning times without the need to refill. The steamer is also safe to use around children and on surfaces where food goes. It kills bacteria and germs and cleans away grout, tiles, and cleans and irons out garment and curtains. This versatile cleaner comes with additional attachments for versatile cleaning indoors and outdoors and another Hoover® SteamPlus™ cleaning solution that can aid in the cleaning of tough stains and spills.

Buyer Guide Of Handheld Steam Cleaner

Heating Time

Most handheld steam cleaners can heat up the water and produce steam within 30 seconds. As the steam amount produced is limited, if the cleaning area is large, you may need to refill several times. Fast heating time can reduce the waiting time and speed up the cleaning task.

Besides, you need to check the model to see if refilling is possible while the steamer is still hot as that will let you know if it’s possible to clean continuously without cool down breaks.

Water Tank

Handheld steam cleaners are smaller in size; therefore frequently refills might be needed if your cleaning area is large. The smaller water tank size ensures the water heats up faster and also offers easy portability as the steamer won’t be heavy to carry. Make sure the water tank size you choose is enough for your cleaning tasks, at least reduce the refill times.  


The best handheld steam cleaner should be able to tackle various jobs or tasks using numerous accessories or attachments. It should come with accessories such as scrubbing pads for cleaning oven grease, brushes that clean stubborn dirt and grime, and squeegees for cleaning glass. Be sure you know the places you want to vacuum in your home so that you can purchase a steam cleaner that suits your needs.


The handheld cleaner’s versatile abilities allow it to be an essential household tool you can use indoors and outdoors. Steam cleaners are perfect and necessary tools, especially for households with children. You can sterilize their backpacks and toys to keep them clean and manage your family’s health. It’s Important to look at what various tasks you can accomplish with your steam cleaner when purchasing one by looking at the different accessories it comes with and what those accessories can do for easy cleaning for versatile cleaning jobs. You will need a steam cleaner that comes with versatile attachments from mop heads, extensions hoses, and different brush sizes.

Steam Control 

Steam cleaner with a steam control feature will give you more convenience. With a steam control, you can control the amount of steam that you need. You can use lighter steam for general cleaning, and release more steam for removing stains or spills. This feature is not only able to protect the surface from overheating, but also allow you to clean for a longer time without refilling it. 

Ways Of Using Handheld Steam Cleaners 

use handheld steam cleaner in kitchen area
Use Steam Cleaner In Kitchen Area

Handheld steam cleaners produce the same results as their larger counterparts; however, handhelds require less time to boil the water. A handheld steamer generates enough steam pressure which dissolves deep stains in carpets or fabrics, eradicating odors of food and pets, and destroying germs and bacteria on counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom. Powerful steam eliminates stuck-on materials successfully, such as sticky residue, built-up grease, and soap scum. Steam cleaners lift out debris, dirt, and stains from materials. The lifted dirt will need to be cleaned or wiped away using a soft dry cloth off surfaces.


Bathrooms are very easy producing mildew and mold due to high humidity. Cleaning regularly can help to prevent the accumulation of mildew and mold. However, a handheld steam cleaner can quickly eliminate mold, mildew, soap scum, and hard water stains from shower doors, mirrors, toilets, and bathtub grout. Mirrors and glass can wash with other accessories such as a squeegee, to ensure no stains are left behind.


The kitchen is the heart of a home because we spend time preparing and making food. With a handheld steam cleaner, you can safely remove germs and grease from the counter tops, wood cutting boards, plastic, cooking utensils, stove hoods, and stove knobs. The steam cleaner will not leave any harsh chemicals on the kitchen, so it is safe to use to maintain the kitchen hygienic.

Upholstery And Furniture

A handheld steam cleaner can easily clean upholstery, furniture, and fabrics. You can gently remove stains, smoother out wrinkles and freshen up carpets, furniture, sofa covers, baby cribs, mattresses, cushions, fabric shower curtains, pet beds, and bed sheets covers.

Benefits Of Handheld Steam Cleaner 

Portable And Lightweight

Most portable steam cleaners are lightweight and small, but obviously, the smaller and lighter the more convenient it is to move around the house, and clean the hard to reach area as well. Besides, you will feel less tired after the cleaning tasks as less work needs to carry the steam cleaner around.

Chemical Free 

Steam cleaners are the natural way to clean and disinfect the house without any use of toxic chemicals. They only use steam to remove dirt and kill germs so it is environmentally safe. Furthermore, It is also safer and healthier to the children and pets, and protects your family members. 

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