Backpack Vacuums have grown in popularity because they are so easy to use. Their lightweight construction allows them to be carried with ease and eliminates the need to drag around a canister or heavy upright. This device is excellent for use in stairwells and aisles as there is no need to lift anything but the wand. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following backpack vacuum:


What is a backpack vacuum?


Backpack vacuums are handy, powerful suction, and high mobility cleaning devices. They are more common to be marketed as suited for commercial use; however, you can actually use them in the household. 

When you carry a backpack vacuum on your back, you can vacuum for more extended periods, clean faster, and more comfortable than the conventional vacuum cleaner. 

You can use it to vacuum every part of your home, including the hard-to-reach corner and under furniture. The cleaning task is becoming more relaxed and less tiring.

Backpack vacuums have been around for commercial use for quite some time. The manufacturers were focusing on improving the backpack vacuum design over the years. Soon the backpack vacuums are more compact while retaining their reliable suction power. 

Nowadays, the backpack vacuum has evaluated and became a power-packed machine that’s small-sized and weighs less than what you would imagine. The manufacturers tend to make these vacuums as more and more homeowners embrace the efficiency and versatility of cleaning with a vacuum cleaner that you can hold on your back.


Upright Vs Backpack Cleaner


Upright Vacuums

  • Uprights use a beater brush to collect dirt in a bag, cup or tank. 
  • Some have two motors; one dedicated to the beater brush.   
  • Uprights work most efficiently in open or mildly cluttered areas 
  • Can deep-clean carpet. 


Backpack Vacuums

  • Backpack vacuums are tank-style vacuums worn on the back like a knapsack.  
  • They have no belts or beater bars so there is less to maintain. 
  • Can clean a variety of areas including overhead vents, upholstery, and blinds. 
  • But without the beater bar, the backpack will not clean as deeply as an upright.


How much does a backpack vacuum cost?

The cost of a backpack vacuum depends on the number of main features and functionalities that come with it. It can be range in price from around $400 to as much as $1,000 for advanced models. When you are planning to buy a backpack vacuum, instead of focus on the machine’s price, you should examine each machine’s features and benefits in various cost categories.  Decide your intended use, whether you will use it for the small house, large house, or commercial area cleaning. Make some notes of the features and functionalities that you are most concerned about and then compare which backpack vacuum meets your requirements and most cost-effective.


The Pros And Cons Of Backpack Vacuum

Backpack vacuums have grown in popularity in households for good reasons. Their lightweight design allows the user to carry it with ease. When you no need to drag around a canister or heavy upright vacuum, having one will help to reduce your burden on cleaning tasks. The mobility allows you is also unrivaled and serves to make the boring cleaning job more comfortable and more fun.

If you’ve never considered using a backpack in your home, it could be that you don’t have adequate information about the cleaning advantages it offers. Now read on to discover more about this type of vacuum, its pros, and cons. 


The Good Things Of Backpack Vacuum Cleaner:

Lightweight And Small Size

The contemporary backpack vacuum is more lightweight and small-sized. As the user needs to wear it on the back, this vacuum is designed to be as light as possible. Usually, the weight of a backpack vacuum is below 10 pounds, which is comfortable for longer using the time while standing. You will not feel fatigued quickly when carry it walking up the steps of a staircase. Besides, the small-sized backpack allows you to squeeze through spaces when necessary. 


Powerful Suction

Most of the backpack vacuums are designed and made for commercial use. Compared to the residential area, those commercial areas like offices, restaurants are places that have high foot traffic and, therefore, likely to have more dirt need to clean. Those vacuums require more powerful motors. The manufacturer innovates new technologies to create power-efficient and powerful airflow machines. The powerful suction is also important for the vacuum as usually, it does not equip with a beater brush. It ensures efficient pick-up of dirt even without the agitation of a brush.


HEPA Filtration

The vacuums are meant to clean the places that are frequented by different people. Therefore, it is equipped with high levels of HEPA filtration system. This HEPA filtration system increase the capability of the vacuum to retain the dirt, and especially the fine particulates that it picks up. Also, the vacuum cleaner features with this efficient, multi-filtration system able to trap allergens at different levels and ensure dust and other allergens don’t escape. 


Versatile Use

They are also more versatile and can take on furniture, walls, carpets, cars, RVs, all types of floors, overhead vents, blinds, stairs, and more. Besides, you can use it to clean mattresses and couches, as well. The manufacturer will provide appropriate tools and attachments for that purpose so that you can use it just like your regular vacuum. You can also use the cordless backpack vacuum to vacuum your car. 


Save Time

You will spend lesser time to deep clean with a backpack vacuum. The unique design makes it more maneuver easily without bumping on walls and other obstacles. Also, it has bigger bags so you can clean for longer without emptying. Moreover, they have longer cords make your home’s cleaning activities less annoying as you no need to keep changing sockets.


The  Downsides Of Backpack Vacuum:

Higher Price

A backpack vacuum cost can be one of the reasons that were stopping you from buying it. When the models and brands with advanced features and designed, it can easily cost double compared to a standard vacuum, like an upright or canister model. The cost is one of the reasons that many people prefer to use them for commercial cleaning jobs.


Not Suitable For People Have Back Pain Problems 

If you wear a backpack vacuum without strapping the machine correctly, it can cause more strain on your back and increase your chances of experiencing back pain. Although lightweight, carrying them around for long hours when you have health issues with your back could cause complications. Besides, some models can be feeling heavy as poorly designed and not ergonomic. For individuals with chronic back pain or a related condition, a backpack vacuum is not an ideal cleaning tool for them.


May Make People Tire Out More Quickly

For those that less stamina and strength, especially the elder or housewife, using a backpack vacuum cleaner might make them tired more quickly. Compared to an upright model with wheels, they need to carry the machine on their back and walk around the house, and in the end, the cleaning task becomes not relaxed. 


What Is The Best Backpack Vacuum Features?

If you’re considering a backpack machine, the following guidelines about the feature you should look for in order to purchase the most potent and long-lasting backpack vacuum. Not all products out there are created equal. So, there are a couple of crucial features you need to look at before making an actual purchase.



Consider the weight of a vacuum cleaner at the point of purchase. It should be light in weight, so it can be easier for you to carry on your back without causing a strain. The best backpack vac should be very portable, and this is the nature of its work demands. At least you will be able to move speedily and shorten the dusting time.


Air Filtration 

A good vacuum cleaner needs to have reliable filtration systems. A backpack vacuum should be able to capture and hold up allergens, dust, impurities, and other particles, preventing them from becoming airborne. You should check whether the model comes with multiple air filtration systems, along with HEPA filters over the exhaust.


Comfort To Use

A comfortable backpack is typically one that is relatively light, weighing about 10 pounds. It should feature a padded harness, contoured shoulder straps, and waist belts to distribute the machine’s weight better and make it more comfortable to wear. Make sure you feel relaxed to wear the backpack vacuum that you are picking out. If the backpack vacuum is not fit for you, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of having one. 

Suction Power

The professional backpack vacuums always offer vigorous suction power, and such devices are capable of cleaning correctly. The models currently selling on the market, have a power rating that will let you know how powerful their suction ability. Check and ensure the model that you are interested in showing the power rating. Avoid the machines that impose repeated charging requirements as their suction power may reduce after using some period.


Attachments Included

Most backpack vacuums have a pretty good variety of attachments included with them. Check and compare a few different models, so you have the ideas of the standard attachments that offer. Make sure the one you buy has the accessories you need. Choose a product with various tools, which allow you to take out dust from areas that are difficult to access. Those attachments will make the cleaning job more comfortable, and the availability of add-on accessory tools will extend the utility and improve the performance of your vacuum cleaner. 


Why Buy a backpack vacuum cleaner?

Do you need a backpack vacuum? Overall it’s your choice to make, but keep in mind that while backpack vacuums come with many advantages, there are also many disadvantages as well. Backpack vacuums are not for everyone. They were made for specific reasons only.

Some people think that walking around with a vacuum on their backs will physically stress themselves out. Still, some will believe it improved movement ability. However, despite it’s lightweight, this can be true due to your age and size. If you are an older person, then it might not be wise for you to carry something like this on your back. 

If your home doesn’t have a high ceiling or stairs or you able to clean them most of the time, then a backpack cleaner isn’t essential. One of the biggest reasons why people buy these vacuums is to be able to get rid of those ugly cobwebs and to vacuum the stairs without worrying about running out of the hose.


Best Backpack Vacuum Reviews:

Below is a list of the best backpack vacuums on the market. A brief synopsis, along with pros, cons are provided.

GV 8 Qt Light Powerful Backpack Vacuum

The GV 8 is a powerful and ultra-lightweight backpack vacuum, which was loaded with seven attachments and a powerhead for different cleaning purposes. It has a large 8-quart bag capacity, which is about three times more than a standard vacuum. On top of that, it is well-equipped with 4 stage HEPA filtration to keep the air clean. 

One thing I like about this vacuum is it comes with 2 inches thick of comfortable straps and a waist strap for tool storage. This feature is to ensure comfort and ease of reaching the necessary tools when vacuuming. This compact vacuum works great at any floor surfaces and even in cars, boats, and RV’s. If you enjoy a lightweight and powerful vacuum and use it mostly for household cleaning, GV 8 is an ideal option for you! 


  • Excellent maneuverability 
  • Lightweight and comfortable handpieces for long hours 
  • HEPA filtration system 
  • Able to reach small edges and tight corners
  • Large bag compartment 
  • Equipped with field repairable spare parts
  • Perfect to be used on hardwood floors and also cars, boats, and RV’s 


  • The built-in power cord is only two feet long 
  • Pneumatic power head does not work as well as the electrically driven ones 
  • Maybe not an ideal cleaner to be used on carpet floors 
  • Small upholstery brush attachment only 


Sanitaire EURSC412B Quiet Clean

The Sanitaire is a quiet and lightweight vacuum that is ideal to be maneuvered at hard-to-reach places as well as around offices and a larger workspace. The CRI seal of approval certified model comes with 4 stage filtrations and as well as a wide selection of attachments for cleaning on different surfaces, for instance, carpeted and bare floor. It equal with HEPA filter, which ensures the cleaning efficiency.

The vacuum also comes with a long cord for easy access when cleaning in larger spaces. It has a six-quart capacity of disposable dust bag to ensure the cleaning area is squeaky clean. On another note, Sanitaire is a versatile vacuum that is CRI rated at 69 decibels while fulfilling the LEED requirements. This vacuum does a brilliant job for those who need a powerful vacuum to perform a deep cleaning on different surfaces at various locations. 



  • Comes with additional attachments for small and tight corners 
  • Works well on carpeted and hardwood floor 
  • Adjustable harness for comfortability 
  • Long extension cord for ease of reaching any targeted surfaces 
  • Low noise level


  • The vacuum weight may heavy for senior  
  • Hard to pick up small debris 


ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

The Proteam is a cordless and lightweight vacuum that offers a productivity powerhouse designed to tackle the most demanding cleaning challenges. This backpack vacuum equips with the complete Xover Multi-Surface Telescoping Wand Tool Kit. 

Besides, it has a powerful 9.9A motor and coupled with a four-level filtration trap, which will trap dust faster. It also offers excellent ergonomic where it utilizes a mountaineering-style backpack to carry the vacuum comfortably. These two features will help you increase your productivity as it helps you feel less tired and reduce the cleaning time needed.

The Proteam comes with a 50 feet long cord that makes it more portable as you can go far when clean a larger space; it solves the fuss of plug and unplug. There are additional accessories like a crevice tool, dust brush, upholstery tool for your selection to meet different cleaning task need. All in all, those who look for a durable vacuum with low maintenance and powerful performance can consider this machine.



  • Comfortable to use for long hours of cleaning 
  • Easy to reach every corner and even under beds and sofas 
  • Bag and washing bag are easy to change 
  • Works well on all floor surfaces
  • Able to pick up small debris easily 


  • The hose is a bit tricky to connect properly 
  • Easily clogged after using without cleaning


Hoover C2401

Tired of carrying heavy vacuums around when cleaning? The Hoover vacuum might solve the problem as it is super light at only 9.2 lbs which allow for superior mobility. This device utilizes a chiropractor designed harness to reduce the strain user experienced when wearing the vacuum. It comes with 48ft in length 3-wire Quick Change cord hence it is less often to look for any switch outlets. On top of that, The hypercone HEPA filter inside the machine can ensure the consistency of the airflow without loss of suction power. 

One thing I like is this device also features a positive lock hose to ensure that the hose stays extra secure when using the vacuum. Most important, we will consider that this vacuum has an extremely quiet operation as it has only 66 dBA of operation noise; you can use it anytime without disrupting the family members and neighbors. There is a cleaning accessory pack that comes together with the machine; you can use them to cover most of the cleaning area.  


  • The HEPA filter ensures the cleaning quality
  • Lightweight and compact for easy to maneuver
  • Chiropractor-designed harness, reduce user strain; increase vacuum portability
  • Quiet operation 
  • Extra-long cord for you to clean a larger area without restrictions
  • Cleaning accessory pack for different cleaning area and surface


  • It is not an ideal tool to clean carpets as it doesn’t have a beater brush
  • Difficult to reach the on/off switch when it on your back
  • Will require you to empty the containment unit often


Atrix – VACBP1 Backpack Vacuum

This a backpack vacuum produced by  Atrix; a company has been in producing vacuums since 1981. This Ergo backpack vacuum is intending to provide a comfortable fit for users. It is lightweight; 10.3 Ibs with dimensions of 12″ x 9″ x 20″. This size is compact and easy to move around while vacuuming. With adjustable belt loop and shoulder straps, your back will firmly support. The user is free to convert between the left-hand and right-hand orientations. 

In terms of suction power, this vacuum has a 1400 watt power and 106 CFM (cubic feet per minute). You can convert it to a blower with a set of three blower nozzles. Besides, this vacuum has an 8-quart HEPA filter, which is useful in captures particles and eliminate the risk of exhausting, dangerous bacteria during vacuuming.

It comes with few attachments for a variety of commercial and residential cleaning needs. It included 22″-37″ extension wand, set of three blower nozzles, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, round brush, floor brush, and so on. Those attachments make the vacuum versatile for general sanitation and janitorial needs such as pest control, stairs, ceilings, entryways, furniture, drapes, and hard to reach crevices.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable fit
  • Effective filtration mechanism and HEPA filter bag
  • Can switching from left to right and vice versa
  • Can convert to a blower
  • Has a turbo for ease of vacuuming
  • Small size and lightweight make it easy to move around
  •  Belt strap has slots for the accessory tools 


  • Some attachments easily come off while vacuuming
  • The size may be huge and heavy for the female users
  • The bottom part of the vacuum will heat up after long using continuously 



Honestly, this is a tough decision for us as all vacuums are light in weight and have quite powerful suction performance. Judging by overall performance, the winner for this roundup is the Hoover C2401.

We consider Hoover C2401 to be the overall best among the five vacuums due to various reasons. It is an excellent device for cleaning performance and compact convenience. Aside from that, it is super lightweight at only 9 lbs, which will ensure that it is super comfortable when you carry it around at your cleaning space. 

Nevertheless, the vacuum to be versatile to use by anyone and everyone as the wand is easily adjustable to any heights. While it has every standard feature of a good backpack vacuum-like active HEPA filters, it also has bonus characteristics like the clog prevention feature and overheated prevention feature.       

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