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What is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops

What I love about my kitchen countertops is that they make me cheerful when I walk into my home. Stone countertops like granite, marble, quartz, and tile are beautiful and exotic as they come in a variety of gorgeous patterns and colors. Stone material is susceptible to stains as it is a porous stone. Cleaning your countertops becomes challenging as stubborn stains are hard to remove. Which then sees people use strong detergents like oven cleaners, which cause further damage to the natural stone countertops.

This article will be reviewing the effects of oven cleaners on kitchen countertops and the best kitchen countertop cleaners;

Review Of The Best Kitchen Countertop Cleaners

TriNova Granite Cleaner 

This countertop cleaner is best for natural stone, like your granites, marble, and tile surfaces. What makes this cleaner unique is its ability to clean off stains and enhance the stones shine. The cleaner’s unique ingredients do not damage the stone’s sealant making it less susceptible to staining.

Besides, this kitchen countertop cleaner is safe to use as a daily cleaner, leaving behind a mirror-like shine as you wipe off any oils, dirt, grime, and other messes but not best as a deep cleaner. It’s safe to use on the kitchen countertops that you place food on as its chemicals do not cause food poisoning. No chemical odor is left behind when you use this cleaner as it has a pleasant scent.

Additionally, it is advisable to use this cleaner as a finisher. An added feature is its ability to preserve and protect your kitchen countertops’ life span by not leaving residue, stickiness, or film on your countertop surfaces. 

  • Best for natural stone
  • Daily cleaner
  • Provides shine and cleans stains
  • Does not emit chemical odor
  • Leaves no residue, streaks or haze
  • Sealant purchased separately
  • Not for deep cleaning tough stains
  • Cancer warning

Mrs. Meyer’s

This cleaner’s ingredients include essential oils derived from plants and are powerful when cleaning daily dirt and grime on kitchen countertops. It’s ingredients are safe, biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. The cleaner will leave your home smelling pleasant because of the calming aurora from the garden-like scent from the lavender scent.

Besides, this cleaner allows you to clean your countertops daily without causing damage to your countertops as well as providing shine to them. It takes 2-3 minutes to melt away tough stains and spots before you can wipe away your kitchen countertops.

Additionally, the spray bottle design allows you to spray the cleaning mist on large areas with one spray. Using this product is easy, all you need to do is dilute and mix 1-gallon warm water with a 1/4 cup concentrated cleaning solution in a spray bottle, and you’re ready to spray and clean your countertops.

  • Does not produce fumes
  • Safe to use on stone countertops
  • Fresh lavender scent
  • Quick action in removing stuck-on dirt
  • A strong scent for those with allergies

Hope’s Premium Home Care 

This cleaner deep cleans all dirt and grime, ensuring there’s no buildup so you can maintain a sanitary kitchen countertop with no left over residue. It uses a unique wax-free formula that is easy to apply, helping you revive and restore the shine on your sealed countertops. The polish dries fast and works as a protective coating that helps prevent future occurrence of stains. You can clean multiple surfaces from marble, granite, to quartz, e.t.c. 

Besides, you can minimize the occurrence of fingerprints by eliminating the accumulation of dust on your countertops. Removing any blemishes can also be achieved with this nontoxic cleaner that is family-friendly. Its scent is from natural fragrances that are pleasant as well as free from harsh chemicals.

Additionally, this cleaner restores old countertops stained and looking rough by bringing back their shine, so you do not have to replace them. An added benefit is its ability to polish new countertops to keep them in peak condition by preventing any wearing down of the stone countertops as you clean them.

  • Nontoxic
  • Wax-Free Solution
  • Future Stain Protection
  • Multi-Surface Protection
  • Preserve & Restore Shine
  • Not effective with wet cloths or sponges

Better Life

This kitchen countertops cleaner’s unique feature is its ability to shine granite countertops and remove scratches effortlessly. You can use this cleaner daily to brighten your countertops, guaranteeing no streaks are left behind. There’s no need to rinse off your countertops after using it as it is a safe product.

Besides, the ingredients are plant-based that make it safe to use on your countertops where you place food, making it easy for you to clean and cook at the same time. The ingredients are safe around your family and pets while still being good for the environment. It is safe to use on multiple stone surfaces like the soapstone, limestone, quartz, marble, granite, and other high-end stone surfaces.

It leaves a natural scent from extracts of pomegranate and grapefruit as it uses cleaning agents that are nontoxic such as soy, coconut, and corn. Using it is easy; all you need to do is to spray the product then wipe off right away without waiting to see results. 

  • Nontoxic
  • Gives shine to stone countertops
  • Leaves no streaks behind
  • Easy to use
  • Not best for cleaning grease and grime

Granite Gold Clean and Shine

This kitchen countertops cleaner’s best feature is its ability to extend daily cleaning on your kitchen countertops by removing spills, dirt, and grime and providing care to them by polishing, shining, and sealing them. It can do that because it comes with the best combination of both Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® and Granite Gold Polish. 

Besides, this product has no ammonia or phosphates, is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-acidic, and pH balanced. That way, your food preparation counters are left uncontaminated. The cleaner does not leave any streaks on the cleaned surfaces because of the streak-free formula that resists water spots, soap scum, and fingerprints. It’s like magic in a bottle.

Additionally, it’s easy-to-use by spraying-and-wiping this non-toxic and safe formula on food-prep surfaces. You can clean all natural-stone and quartz surfaces safely. The combination product will remove the need to purchase separate products, saving time, effort, and money.

  • Deep-cleans all natural-stone surfaces
  • Removes spills and soils fast
  • Non-toxic and Non-acidic
  • Safe on food-prep surfaces
  • pH balanced, biodegradable with no phosphates or ammonia
  • Leaves streaks on granite

Final Verdict

It is essential to choose the right kitchen countertop cleaner when it comes to keeping them as beautiful as the day of installation. The winner from the above list will be the Granite Gold Clean and Shine as it’s formula is best for granite and other natural stone surfaces. It guarantees a streak-free finish. It’s also non-toxic, non-acidic, pH-neutral, biodegradable, and free from phosphates and ammonia. This 2 in 1 cleaner is strong enough to make your countertops sanitary but not so strong that it damages the surfaces.

Non-Effectiveness Of Oven Cleaners On Kitchen Countertops 

You will note that the oven cleaner’s ingredients are safe when cleaning ovens. But that does not extend to your kitchen countertop. Especially if the construction of your countertops is of granite, marble and natural stone. Using oven cleaners on your kitchen countertops will severely harm the stone surfaces.


The effects of oven cleaners may not be as immediate on countertops. However, as you continue to use them, the effects appear over time and become noticeable. Besides, you may think your oven cleaner is best at removing stains and grease in your kitchen. What you don’t know is that some oven cleaners have additives that affect countertops to the point that they quickly erode or alter the countertop ‘s color.

Harsh chemical

Harsh chemicals can scratch the surfaces of kitchen countertops. The main goal of cleaning your kitchen countertops is to stop scratches as scratches cause food and other substances to penetrate the stone, causing damage and stains. Oven cleaners, main ingredient, is a harsh chemical called sodium hydroxide, which causes substantial damage such as permanent discoloration to kitchen countertops. It’s also advisable to stay away from cleaners with ammonia and acids like orange, lemon, and vinegar.

Best Way To Clean Kitchen Countertops

Marble Surface Countertops

It’s pretty easy to clean marble daily, although it can scratch, etch, and stain easily. All you need to put in your spray bottle is a non-abrasive dish cleaner, warm water, and some towels or a marble countertop cleaner. You should not use natural acidic cleaners such as vinegar and lemon juice, as those will etch the marble stone. You would need to create a paste out of baking soda and water for deeper stains like spilled red wine, by leaving the paste on the stain for at least 24 hours before wiping it off.

Tile Surface Countertops

Tile countertops are easy to clean but can crack and chip away quickly. The tough thing about tile is you can ruin its high-gloss finish by scrubbing too much, and its grout is prone to staining and can collect food particles. You should clean your tiles daily after use, but for a deep clean, you should clean your grout first using a grout cleaner then followed by your tiles using a commercially prepared tile cleaner. 

Engineered Stone (Quartz) Countertops

Engineered stones are now replacing natural stone countertops like granite as engineered stones are not porous and do not crack, etch, chip, stain, or even cause bacteria and mildew. You can disinfect them using a mild detergent or wash them down with soap and water for a thorough clean. 

Maintenance Tips Of Kitchen Countertops


  • Immediately dry spills: Acidic substances like sodas, fruit juice, coffee, and wine may leave a stain if not wiped up causing the stone surfaces to etch.
  • Use soft cloths and sponges to clean surfaces: You can use hot water as a quick daily cleaning liquid together with a sponge to scrub off dirt and grime and dry off, using a soft cloth 
  • Use coasters for your hot pots, glasses, and bottles: Using coasters protects your kitchen countertops from etching
  • Use a cutting board: Protect your countertops from knives by using a cutting board as this will not dull your stone.


  • Use generic cleaning products: Do not use acidic or harsh cleaners like vinegar, lemon juice, or oven cleaners to dull the granite finish.
  • Store liquids containers directly on your kitchen countertop: Cooking oils, wine, stock, and water bottles tend to leak or spill.
  • Your Countertops are not for sitting or standing: Granite, marble, and quartz countertops are not flexible and may crack from the heavyweight.
  • Use Oven Cleaners: Oven cleaners contain chemicals that can damage and dull surfaces.

Buyer Guide For Kitchen Countertops Cleaner 

Safe Ingredients And Formulation

It would help if you avoided abrasive and acidic cleaners with citrus (lemon-orange pH 2-4), vinegar (pH 3), hydrogen peroxide (pH 4), ammonia (pH 11), or bleach (pH 12), as they etch and scratch your marble stones mostly. Acidic cleaners can be irritant thus you need to wear gloves to protect your hand from allergies when using cleaning products with any of these ingredients.

Oven cleaners chemicals can find their way into your body through ingestion, causing food poisoning. Your countertop cleaner should be safe for daily cleaning and safe for the user.

Easy To Use

You can look for cleaners that can be diluted easily with one part water and one part cleaning liquid into a spray bottle. You can combine your solution and spray it onto your countertops, leaving it on for about 3-5mins to loosen hard stains and grease on your countertops and then wiping them down with a microfibre cloth to clean and disinfect.

Cleaning Purpose

Your countertop cleaner should be able to remove oil and grease stains without affecting the stones’ color but provide shine by polishing them. Your cleaner should be able to deep clean your countertops without stripping the stones sealer and cause etching. Your countertop cleaner should be able to eliminate the accumulation of dust, thus preventing fingerprints on your countertops. If the cleaner does not have the abilities, you should get the accompanying polishers that come with the daily cleaner to dry or wet polish your countertops and reseal to protect their shine.

Customer Review

It would be best to read the customer reviews before buying a cleaning product to ensure the product will work for your kitchen countertops without any effects. Customer reviews offer you other user experience, and their reviews or feedback can guide you in making the right purchasing decision.

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