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Marble is a durable, versatile, and elegant stone we all love. Marble tiles are a perfect stone for your home because it naturally cools itself as it does not conduct heat. The metamorphic rock does not turn yellow or gets damaged by sparks. You can use it for your fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and even floors. Marble stones maintenance is very high as the stone is porous and can be scratched, worn, or stained easily. Finding the perfect marble floor cleaner becomes essential. 

The following marble floor cleaners will be reviewed in this article;

Best Way To Clean Marble Floors

To prevent deterioration and staining from your marble floors, you should clean them carefully and regularly. That shine can be brought back to your marble floors by following the steps below;

  • The dirt and dust must be removed first by using a vacuum cleaner or broom
  • Make a cleaning mixture from a quarter cup of warm water, liquid dishwashing soap and baking soda (three tablespoons) in your bucket or a combination of diluted water and ammonia.
  • Use your spin mop or microfiber mop together with your water and soap mixture to clean the marble floors using gentle strokes, dipping, and wringing often to avoid the spreading of dirt.
  • Rinse the floor after mopping with warm water and detergent, before drying off. Get cold water into a bucket and then proceed to dip, wring and wipe and until there is no more residue. It also helps you clear off any dirt or dust that may be remaining.
  • Use a fluffy, soft cloth to dry your floors after so there’s no water standing as marble stones are porous, which can cause stains.

Don’t forget to Seal

As soon as you finish cleaning, there must be an inclusion of sealant application which you will follow through with consistently as you clean and maintain your marble floors. You will keep your marble floors looking sharp as well as protected the more consistent you are in the frequency of the sealant application. Before stepping on your marble floors after marble sealant application, you need to let them rest and dry overnight after sealant application don’t make your floors slippery by polishing them.

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Tips To Maintain Marble Floors

With proper maintenance, your marble floor surfaces can go to their original state by either renewing them or nurturing them, lasting you a lifetime. Learning how to maintain and clean your marble floors is smooth and not time-consuming at all; you can do it right now!

  • Clean Regularly
  • Use Rugs, mats, and carpets
  • Use the brushes of a vacuum cleaner
  • Immediately dry spills
  • Shine and Polish your marble floors
  • Clean all the grout and stains
  • Use cleaners that are pH neutral
  • Cushion you sofas/couches, chair legs, and cabinets so they are not directly on top of the marble floors as that could sear your floors
  • Have rules in the house, so all family members follow them, so your marble floors are protected
  • A re-application of a Sealant is to be annually as per tips suggestion.
  • Replace cracked or broken marble as the open cracks will allow for water penetration to the ground, which is not suitable for the rest of the marble flooring, causing them to break as well.
  • Do not pull or drag big objects in the house, get help, and carry them, so you don’t damage your floors.

How To Choose The Best Marble Floor Cleaner

Regular and proper care is needed to ensure this valuable stone does not crack or lose its beautiful appeal and shine as it is very soft. With readily available marble cleaners on the market, one can quickly rid stains, retain their marbles shine, but the wrong choice could see you facing any one of the issues mentioned above.

To help your frame of mind on which marble cleaner is best for you, you will need to consider the below tips:

  1. Your cleaner should not require you to scrub; Your cleanser should be competent in cleaning grime and dust without much moisture and hard scrubbing.
  1. Sprayer head clean; You should opt for a marble cleaner with a sprayer head as that is easy to reach the corners of the floor and makes the job easier.
  1. There should be no diluting or mixing; the best results are seen from a product not mixed or diluted, so look for a cleanser that does not require mixing.
  1. Should be safe for usage and multipurpose; Should be able to clean more than 1 task in the household as well as be safe for pets and kids to play on without getting

Best Marble Floor Cleaner Reviews

Below is a list of the best marble floor cleaners in the market. A brief synopsis, along with pros, cons are provided.

Black Diamond Stoneworks 

Black Diamond is a natural stone cleaner and sealer that was designed for people to easily maintain and the marble surface. This cleaner is not only able to clean well on the marble floor but also safe to use on limestone, travertine, granite, slate, ceramic and porcelain. 

Besides, its ingredient is eco-friendly and biodegradable, totally safe to children and pets. It is very concentrated which you only need two to four oz. per gallon of water. With no-rinse hypoallergenic formula, no rinsing necessary on most floors, which is saving you cleaning time and water. 

In addition, this cleaner contains professional cleaning agents that lift dirt from the pores of stone without damaging the surface or diminishing natural color. After cleaning, it does not leave streaks, soap residue, smudges or rainbows on surfaces. 


  • Protect grout sealers
  • Streaks free
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • No rinsing is needed
  • Concentrated and save water
  • Ph-neutral 


  • It is more for regular cleaning and not suitable for removing stubborn stains
  • It does not restore the shine of the floor

Weiman Granite Cleaner

The Weiman granite cleaner is designed with a non-toxic, non-acidic formula that will effortlessly polish without leaving any streaks on your sink, table or countertops. It is produced by a specialized formula that is made specifically for daily cleaning and polishing natural stone surfaces. 

This product’s formula adds depth to your stone surfaces which reveals the natural veining and patterns in your stone surfaces. You can apply this cleaner on the marble surface and also granite, soapstone, limestone, tile, and concrete.

One thing to take note of this cleaner is using a pH-balanced formula that will keep your stone’s seal from deteriorating or discoloration. In addition, it is steak-free, safely removes grease, grime, watermarks, and stains without leaving behind streaks.


  • Cleans without leaving any streaks or residue behind
  • Non-toxic, non-acidic formula
  • Clean and polish at the same time
  • Can apply on multiple surfaces
  • Removes traces of dirt, dust, stains on surfaces and water effortlessly


  • It has a better result on marble countertops than marble floors.

TriNova Granite Cleaner

TriNova Granite cleaner is specially designed for cleaning the stone surfaces. You can use it to cleans effectively without damage; unlike other general-purpose cleaners which will cause dulling. 

This cleaner is strong enough to clean the most common messes and spills while supplementing the seal on your marble floor, preventing stains from penetrating the surface. It leaves behind a mirror-like shine on any stone surface after wiping away grime, dirt, oils and other messes. This feature makes it ideal for your countertop, cleaning for laminate, Corian, travertine, slate, Formica, Silestone and more.

In addition, it will leave a pleasant scent, you can enjoy a clean smelling instead of full of chemical odors. This product is a non-toxic and ph neutral formula, safe for all stone surfaces, especially the kitchen area. You just need to spray onto your marble surface, then wipe clean with the included microfiber towel. 

If you want a better result, you can consider using this cleaner with TriNova Granite Sealer to form the ultimate system for protecting and preserving the life of your stone surfaces. 


  • It’s for marble stone or any stone as it was designed specifically for it.
  • It’s a shine enhancer and cleans swiftly.
  • Leaves no odors from chemicals
  • Does not produce haze or residue


Howard Natural Granite And Marble Cleaner

The cleaner is manufactured by Howard, which is a break free from the chemical-based cleaner. One thing unique about this cleaner is its vegetable-derived ingredients, without using any petroleum distillates, ammonia, bleach, silicone oils, or other chemicals. This vegetable-derived ingredients also contain specialized blends of essential oil fragrances to provide a touch of aromatherapy. It can easily clean all types of sealed stone countertops while leaving your cleaning area safe without harsh chemicals.

Also, it will leave you a pleasant scent, and you can choose whether it is lemongrass-lime fragrance or fragrance-free. The advantage of plant-based and natural ingredients is non-toxic and safe for food prep areas like the kitchen. You can use it to dust and clean all-natural stone surfaces without polluting the air with harsh smelling chemicals

For those who prefer an eco-friendly cleaner, this product can bring you a healthier living environment.


  • Plant-based ingredients, safe to the environment
  • Suitable for all-natural stone surfaces 
  • Cruelty-free, not tested on animals
  • Spray bottle design, easy for application


  • Some customer feedback that disappointed at the fragrance
  • It will leave soap scum residue if you do not wipe before it dries

The Winner

Budget-minded folks may want to cut corners on the marble floor cleaning liquid by using a more affordable brand or using less than the recommended amount. Still, if you wish to your marble floor to get clean and be stain and odor-free, you need to use the correct amount of the right marble floor cleaning liquid. Your preference for a mild scent is a factor, or you might need one that’s safe for pets and children. Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered. 

My personal favorite from this list is TriNova Granite Cleaner. Like its competitors, this cleaner is the perfect daily use cleaner for marble floors. However, it beats the rest out because it leaves a better shine effect on the clean surface. Also, it is convenient to use; all you need is spraying to the surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth. 

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