When cleaning laminate floors, the use of water is not advisable, and neither is the use of harsh chemicals. You should have it in mind that the only way to repair a laminate floor is to replace it altogether. Typically replacements can be quite pricey, and they can also be very avoidable as well. 

One of the best ways to take care of your laminate floor is using the best laminate floor cleaner solutions. However, shopping for the best laminate floor cleaner solutions is never an easy feat. Fortunately, here is the best laminate floor cleaner we could find.

In this article, we’re going to review the following floor cleaner.

Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors can withstand daily use wear and tear. It doesn’t need much attentive care to do the maintenance. However, if you do it in the wrong way, no repairing job can do to recover the laminate floors. The only solution is getting new replacements, which is costly. 

For those who have laminate floors in the house, it is important to know the correct method of cleaning laminate floors. Proper cleaning allows you to preserve the excellent look of your laminate floors and extend the life of it for many years. 

You only need to mop and vacuum the laminate floors regularly to maintain its cleanliness. Remember, you need to use a vacuum cleaner in advance to remove dust, dirt, and sand particles on the surface to prevent scratches when mopping. 

When it comes to damp mopping the laminate floors, have in mind that the joints between the laminate planks are vulnerable to moisture. The planks will soon start to swell and warp once water seeps inside. In this case, using a microfiber mop is better than a traditional mop. 

Besides, using a correct laminate floor cleaner solution can help you to remove the stubborn stain easily. Furthermore, you won’t feel sticky or streaky and make your floor shine after mopping.


How to Choose The Best Laminate Floor Cleaner 

Most of the time, the best floor cleaning solutions for laminate floors is by using natural cleaning ingredients. The typical natural ingredients that you can use are baking soda, vinegar, borax, and lemon; what you need is mixing them with water. The best part of using homemade cleaner is they are easy to get, safe to use, and help you save some money. 

However, there are extra jobs you need to do to prepare the homemade cleaner. First, you need to choose the right ingredients that meet your cleaning needs. Second, you need to ensure the correct amount of each item that mixes with water. Then you need to have an empty spray bottle to keep the mixture and never forget to label the ingredients inside. There is a risk of using the wrong homemade ingredients; it will lead to damage to your floor.

For those who want an alternative and easy way, you can always buy the manufacturer’s cleaning solution from the stores. However, a few things you should look at:

Ingredients And Formulation

You should avoid using all the soaps and abrasive cleaners as they will destroy the finish. Besides, those cleaning agents which contain wax and petroleum oil will leave the floor looking dull. Instead, you might want to look for the floor cleaner that consists of no heavy metals, harmful surfactants, hazardous solvents, or inorganic phosphates. It will help to prevent your family members suffers from any skin allergies.


You can apply floor cleaner on laminate floors in a few ways. Some cleaner solution comes in with a sprayer mop; some come in spray bottles. You spray and wipe the floor with microfiber cloths or traditional mop.

The best option for you will depend on how large the area you’re cleaning and the equipment you have. You may also look at the recommended application time, as some products come with two cleaner solution sets that need to apply multiple layers for optimal results. 

Cleaning Purpose

Some cleaner products are made for daily cleaning use, while some products are exclusively for removing stains and stubborn marks. If you need a general-purpose use cleaner, then don’t choose the specialty cleaner, as the price may be hugely different. 


What to Avoid When Cleaning Laminate Floors

There are plenty of things to consider when cleaning laminate floors; there are a few tips you can follow to avoid damaging the surface or the layers of the flooring.

Few things to avoid:

  • Never clean with any kinds of soaps, this is abrasive.
  • Never polish the floor with wax or petroleum oil because the surface will be looking dull.
  • Avoid products that offer the alluring protected shine. When the wax build-up, it can be tough to remove and leave it scruffy and scratchy.
  • Avoid using floor steam cleaners systems, as the steam will quickly get into the inner layer and result in water damage over time.
  • Do not use bleach as it will soak in, causing permanent stains, and discolor the laminate floors. 
  • Avoid cleaning the floor with abrasive scrubbers, like scratchy sponges, as it will damage laminate floors.
  • If you like to DIY a homemade cleaner like vinegar, please take note of the component concentrations as laminate floors are not able to withstand high acidic solution, which can break down the surface of it over time.

Few things to follow:

  • Only using the manufacturer’s recommended products to do spot cleaning.
  • Do use carpet fragments face down under heavy objects when moving them across a laminate floor.
  • Use microfiber mop as you can use it for wet or dry cleaning.
  • Always use floor protectors on the bottom of furniture to prevent scratching.
  • When moving heavy furniture on laminate floors, always lift it instead of drag or pull it.


Best Laminate Floor Cleaner Reviews

Below is a list of the best laminate floor cleaner on the market. A brief synopsis, along with pros, cons are provided.

Black Diamond Floor Cleaner

This floor cleaner easily cleans both natural wood floors and laminate floors without leaving behind streaks or dulling residue. It cleans the laminate floors streak-free and prevents soil from attaching it. It is easy to use and help you save time; you spray it on the floor and wipe away as no rinsing is necessary. Furthermore, it can easily remove spills, dirt, dust, and footprints because it is water-based. As the content is eco-friendly and biodegradable, it is safe around children and pets.


  • No rinsing is required
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Use for all types of laminate floor
  • Light and fresh scent, no chemical smell


  • Might slippery after use
  • Not work well on black color laminate floor


Bona Floor Cleaner

This floor cleaner is safe and effective for use on hard-surface floors, including the laminate floor. It is rinse-free, residue-free, and streak-free. Just spray and use it, and no mixing and bucket required. This water-based cleaner dries very fast and removes dust or dirt effectively. Moreover, it is also eco-friendly and safe to use for people and pets.


  • Price fairly cheap
  • Gentle and no chemical smell
  • Makes floor shine
  • Easy to use


  • Might leave the floor a little sticky


Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer

This floor cleaner is using shine booster technology, which is powerful enough to remove grease, grime, and dirt. It works on multi-surface, such as the laminate floor, tile floor, vinyl floor, and hardwood floor. It is a type of residue-free floor cleaner that will get rid of the toughest dirt without leaving behind a dulling shine. It is safe to use as an everyday cleaner on all floors, and no mop bucket needed. Besides, this floor-cleaner is also a pH-balanced and water-based formula that is non-toxic and fragrance-free. Generally, this product is low chemical emissions, making them acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.


  • Safe to use on a laminate floor and other floor types
  • Non-toxic
  • Residue-free
  • Fragrance-free 


  • The floor might feel slippery after use

Quick Shine

You can use Quick Shine cleaner to clean laminate floor, hardwood, vinyl, and stone floors. It helps to protect, shine, and polish the stories. It is quick and easy to use, squirt the product on flooring, and spread with a mop. The product has been formulated to be less toxic and more environmentally friendly. It has undergone extensive evaluations to be deemed both effective and safer for your home and our environment.


  • Value for money
  • The floor looks shiny after use
  • Easy to use
  • Great for old wood floors
  • Not sticky and dry rather quickly.


  • Shine might quickly fade away
  • Not suitable for newer floors or floors that are meant to have a “natural” look.
  • Hard to spread evenly


Better Life Naturally Floor Cleaner

Better Life cleaner is excellent for cleaning daily spills or the entire floor. You can squirt directly onto any floor type and use it with a damp mop or dry mop. No rinsing is required. This cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable, which is safe around kids, pets, and the planet. Moreover, it has a delicious citrus mint scent.


  • Safe and good performing product
  • No need to rinse
  • No sticky residue
  • Smells good
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Might a bit sticky on laminate floor
  • Might not able to remove tough dirt


Bruce Laminate Floor Cleaner

This product works well on the laminate floor as well as the wood floor. It leaves the floor very shiny. It is easy to use and use little effort to clean the floor. It helps with the scratches and helps the floor surface stay cleaner for a longer time. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any residue.


  • Non-sticky
  • Non-streak 
  • Easy to apply.
  • Do not make floors slippery
  • Ready in use, no need to mix with water


  • You need to refill this cleaner with a spray bottle
  • Cannot use on a cork floor


Weiman Floor Cleaner

Weiman has produced high-quality surface floor care products for home use since 1941. Without any doubt, this product able to rejuvenate the laminate floor with no sticky residue and extends the life of the floors while leaving them looking like new. It not only able to fade existing scratches but also able to prevent new ones from forming thanks to its micro-filling technology. This cleaner is safe to use on a laminate floor and other finished hardwood surfaces as well. It is using plant-based ingredients that are safe for kids and pets to walk on after the solution has dried.


  • Safe to use on multiple surface type
  • Able to fade scratches
  • No sticky residue
  • Ingredients are safe for kids and pets
  • Good for regular clean
  • Ready in use, no need to mix with water


  • The shine effect is not so obvious on the old floor
  •  Might not strong enough to remove heavier dirt and grime



The laminate floor cleaner is a fantastic cleaning tool to clean your laminate floors. Choosing the right one can help you more relaxed when doing a cleaning job. There are a lot of factors to consider before you purchase the best floor cleaner for laminate floors, so list down your priority.

My recommendation for daily use floor cleaner is Black Diamond Floor Cleaner. However, if you want to clean any stubborn stains and dirt, you can pick either Bona Floor Cleaner or Better Life Naturally Floor Cleaner. For somebody that prefers more organic floor cleaner, they may consider Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer.

Just remember always use a vacuum cleaner to clean laminate floors in advance before wiping your floor with the best laminate floor cleaner, regular cleaning is the best way to maintain the cleanness of laminate floors.

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