best hardwood floor restorer

Best hardwood floor restorer

There are very few other floorings that can equate to the hardwood floors’ elegance. Its natural coloring brings both comfort and beauty to every house. Managing the hardwood floors appearance requires daily sweeping and cleaning with the best hardwood floor restorer designed to carry out the full restoration of your floors. Your hardwood floors’ appearance is, after all, a representation of you and the first thing your guest will look at as they enter your home.

In this article, I will be reviewing the below best hardwood floor restorer.

Difference Between Floor Cleaners vs. Floor Restorers

 Floor CleanersFloor Restorers

Removes grime and dust from floors, cleaning the floors without enhancing the quality or finish of the floors.Fills in scratches, blemishes or scuffs by polishing and restoring the floors by color matching, blending and treating the floors to provide a natural look.
Floor TypeHardwood FloorsHardwood Floors
Cleaning PurposeDaily cleaningDeep cleaning
Best Option PH neutral cleanerWater-based, non toxic and polyurethane finish
Cleaning FrequencyDaily or once a weekEvery few months
Drying TimeShould dry quickly in less than 5 minsTakes about an hour to 24 hours to dry depending on the type of extensive restoration performed.

Reason To Use Hardwood Floor Restorer

Restoring your wood floors will add a whole new beauty to your house, shielding them from the tear and wear of everyday foot traffic, which will aid you in keeping them clean.

It remains timeless and elegant wood floors, reviving wood floors that are old-looking while still transforming wood furniture, frames, walls, and even ceiling paneling to their best version. Floor restorers can quickly clear scratches from wooden floors. It also creates a beautiful shine in smaller spaces as they are a perfect natural remedy.

How To Polish The Hardwood Floor

Best Hardwood Floor Restorer
Hardwood floor after polishing

There should be no need to hire a professional to polish your floors as the process is simple. Below are the steps to follow when polishing:

  1. Clear the room you want to clean by taking out all the furniture and avoid scratching your floors as you do it.
  2. Sweep out the loose debris and dirt by brushing away using a broom with soft bristles or vacuuming until clean
  3. If dirt or grime is sticky, clean off using a hardwood floor cleaner and wait until the floor has dried off.
  4. Perform a spot test first by cleaning a small, inconspicuous area, using rubber gloves and a gas mask.
  5. Smoothly apply the polish from the furthest area towards the entrance, partitioning the surface using a microfiber mop, ensuring no creation of streaks.
  6. Allow the polish to dry off as per the recommended time specified by the manufacturer before traffic is allowed back
  7. After the first coat has dried, You may want to apply an additional coat depending on the solution you are using.

Buying Guide For hardwood floor restorer

Hardwood floor restorer need to be safe for children
Hardwood floor restorer need to be safe for children

Floor condition

Unfinished and finished hardwood floors are the two common hard surfaces. Each surface type requires specified products to clean and restore them. Most designs for restorers of wood floors have a safety seal for finished wood flooring. Depending on the quality of the surface flooring, there may be certain limitations, making the manufacturer instructions crucial to follow. In the case of houses with older floors, perform a spot test on a specific secret region on your floor. Therefore, deciding the quality of your floor restorer is critical before purchasing the product. Using a wrong kind of restorer will give a bubbled appearance or a white powdery residue to your surface floors.

Product Feature

A floor restorer’s primary objective is its ability to restore your hardwood floor’s elegance, color, and richness, rendering it new and durable. Using hardwood floor restorers correctly will repair and prolong the quality of your hardwood floors, thus preserving color, and durability for several years. A successful restorer protects from pet claws or furniture scratches and a vast amount of foot movement while still being able to repair flaws in the floors. A formula for a floor restorer should be able to infiltrate the hardwood floors replenishing the wood floors while sealing out minor scratches, blemishes, and abrasions.

Although causes of slickness and residue on the floor can come from the application procedure, wood moisture levels, an ideal wood floor restorer does not leave any floor residues. Before you buy, it is essential to understand the ingredients and reviews of the product. One feature it should have is to be non-toxic and good for the environment and safe for family and pets. It comes with specially formulated polyurethane as a high-quality component, which offers the gloss you’ve been dreaming. It’s also advisable to use a wood flooring professional if unsure or when in dire need. 

Application Time

A multi-purpose product makes sure you don’t use multiple products to produce the desired result saving you time. Application is typically achieved by vacuuming the surface and mopping it to eliminate clutter and dirt for a seamless surface look, or else the coating may look streaky when finished. You should wait for the restorer to dry off entirely as per specified time ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours waiting time depending on the brand. Application time comes from the speed of application when cleaning or applying products. Failure to implement procedures may also trigger the drying period for the polish to take longer than usual. 


Knowing how much hardwood floor polish to use for an area can help you determine the real expense per use. There are several products recommended for weekly use with others every two-three months, thus making them cheaper overall. Your cost of usage will also be calculated based on coatings while keeping in mind that a second coat will offer a better restoration, therefore the more product you use and the more money you will spend.

Review of the 5 Best hardwood floor restorers

Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer

This professional wood floor restorer helps prevent users from sanding their hardwood floors to restore them as well as allows users to use its unique formula to restore the hardwood floors easily without much labor. It enables users to protect their hardwood floors by filling scratches to restore their glossy shine.

From just a single application, you can pour the solution onto the hardwood floor in an “S” shape throughout the room and mop away using a microfiber mop bonnet. The water-based polyurethane bonds to the existing wood floor finish encouraging the polish to seal into the original wood floor surface. Which sees it protect the floors to ensure the floors can withstand stains and liquids with no build-up, leaving long-lasting results for years. 

Furthermore, the restorer dries within 45 minutes after application providing better traction for the room to get back its shine and glory. Another best feature about this product is its non-toxic solution that is safe to use and good for the environment. The design of the wood floor polish is best for use on hardwood floors only.

  • Fills in scratches
  • Restores to a glossy shine
  • Protects
  • Non-toxic solution
  • Best for hardwood floors
  • Not a multi-surface floor cleaner
  • Not best for floors with very high traffic

Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster and Polish

This hardwood floor luster’s unique feature is the key ingredient used in its product, the safe plant-based natural Brazilian carnauba wax that provides a quick shine.

You can clean away the wear and tear of heavy traffic by using this safer choice EPA approved product. Likewise, it does not have any gluten, phthalate, formaldehyde, fragrance, alcohol, paraben, aluminum, and ammonia, making this polish one of the few best green products out there. It’s good for restoring hardwood floors beauty, color, and richness with added durability by filling into micro-scratches to balance the floor appearance by providing a protective layer.

For the best result, you should use this polish on worn-out pre-finished older hardwood floors. It produces an excellent natural luster on poly finishes, as well as a lasting polish, renewed finish, and dry seal on wood floors, thus executing a shiny buffable finish. Besides, it’s easy and quick to apply because all you need to do is vacuum the floors clean, then dust mop, and finally use the product for a shiny finish.

  • Safe to use on pets and family
  • Applies easily
  • Polishes protect and shine
  • Has a long-lasting effect before refreshing
  • When incorrectly used leaves a residue
  • On hardwood floors may cause streaks

Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

This floor restorer is a durable restorative wood polish that provides long-lasting security and surface beautification for your hardwood floor. The design of the product is for eliminating scratches by filling them in a while, creating a durable high gloss scratch resistant coating at the same time. 

You can apply a suitable amount of the restorer to a microfibre cloth, then scrub off on the clean wood surface. This product will yield long-lasting finishes on all hardwood floors as it is a multiple surface restorer. Mahogany, maple, birch, hickory, cherry, finished oak, walnut, pine, ash, teak, tiger-wood, bamboo, hardwood, acrylic, laminate and stone tile can use the polish and restorer liquid.

One feature I would like to highlight about this product is its unique formula for rapid drying. Without waiting for 24 hours, you can start to use your floor. Besides, it is healthy and safe to use, as it does not have any dangerous fumes which will harm the children and pets. 

  • Famous brand name for floor cleaners
  • Clears light lines and scratches
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Long-lasting surface protection
  • Drying time is long
  • For better outcome needs more than one coat

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish 

This floor polish’s main feature is that it’s an actual applicator of polyurethane, which does not only rejuvenate the current finish but adds a new coating on scratched, dull, tired-looking, and worn out hardwood floors. 

Application guidelines are relatively simple; all you will need to do is use water to dampen an adjustable applicator pad slightly. Next, insert it back onto the mop, squirt the polish onto the floor, and then spread evenly, working in small areas. The product is also relatively cheap, mainly if you think you’re more of a DIY user, and you’re searching for a more sustainable alternative.

Besides, one of its main features is the green guard certification; it uses a urethane acrylic formula, which helps the floors to dry incredibly quickly in under an hour. It is crafted especially for wood floors, including floors coated with urethane and factory-prefabricated surfaces.

  • Trusted brand name
  • 1-hour fast dry time
  • Non-toxic
  • Clears surface imperfections
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Could require multiple coats for the best outcome
  • Does not produce a shine on old, unfinished surfaces

Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver

The hardwood floor reviver is sturdier and more durable than standard polish, so no sanding or special planning is needed. Furthermore, the hardwood floor reviver’s water-based solution allows a one-coat easy application and fast cleaning. This product’s main feature and the primary ingredient is a non-toxic polyurethane, which helps to preserve hardwood floors. 

Additionally, the formula produces a crystal-clear finish on the floor without altering the hue, which allows for at least two to five months of a secure finish and shiny appearance. All you need to do is wait for two hours after application for the floor to dry, and you can walk on it and should wait for 24 hours for it to dry before placing back furniture on floorboards.

It’s best for floors that are rusty or have mild scratches, as it’s not suitable for surface floors that are severely damaged. 

  • Adds shine
  • It minimizes the scuffs and scratches on surfaces
  • Doesn’t need dilution
  • Versatile cleaner and restorer for stone and laminate as well
  • Long dry time
  • While drying, there’s a slight odor

Final Verdict

Hardwood floors are a costly investment that adds beauty and luxury to your home. With proper treatment and restoration, such as daily cleaning, polishing, and repairing, wood floors will stand the test of time. Take caution when trying out a new product by always doing a spot check on a secret small area of your surface floor. My favorite product and winner from the review above will be the Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer, which is a solution that is safe to use around my kid and pets and is ready-to-use.

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