Vacuum Cleaning Tips for Your House

Vacuuming is not a fun chore to do daily, but not vacuuming regularly might cause germs and dust to build up over time. Hence this has given rise to the question of how frequently we should vacuum our house? 

How Often Should You Vacuum

According to interior designers and hygiene experts, it is safe to say that we should at least vacuum our house at least once a week. Dust will collect onto different types of surfaces, and sometimes it might not be visible to our naked eyes. Hence we must not go more than a week without vacuuming, or else we might be experiencing severe adverse effects on our health.


Vacuuming Schedule

The main factors that we should consider before deciding on our vacuuming schedule are the types of flooring and the kind of lifestyle that we practice. We should vacuum:

Planning Your Vacuum Schedule


Weekly for Hardwood and tiles floors

Due to the presence of sealant on most hardwood floors and glazes on tiles floors as well as they are hard and flat, it is more than enough to the only vacuum once every weekly. While they might not be able to house dust and allergens as much as a carpeted floor, it is still crucial to vacuum then weekly to get rid of bacteria and debris that trapped in the cracks of wooden floorboards and tiles.


Twice in a week for Carpets and rugs

Carpeted floors need to be cleaned more often as the fibers on the carpet are prone to grime and spills, as well as allergens and dust. Do not just give it a simple sweep of vacuum and done with cleaning the carpet floor, as the longer you leave a not properly-cleaned carpet, the more enmeshed dirt and debris will build up and become a perfect spot to breed bacteria!


Daily For pet owner

If you are a pet owner that likes to keep your pets roaming around inside of the house, you have got to fall in love with vacuuming the house daily as well. Furry friends often trap tonnes of allergens and bacteria in their fur, which can provoke allergies and aggravate the disease. They also could bring bacteria like Cyclospora into the house on their paws from outside, which will result in infections like gastritis in humans. However, all pet lovers who do not have time to vacuum daily, do not worry. You can always invest in a robot vacuum that will get the job done automatically by simply pressing a button.


Best practices of vacuum

There are some tips and tricks that might give you a little boost of help in the realm of vacuuming.

incorporate vacuuming as a habit

Do not wait to clean the carpet and rugs only when they are looking dirty. Jot down vacuuming in your to-do list or your schedule and practice it as routine. It is probably harder to clean them when it is caked in dirt and but so much easier by just merely running a few sweeps of vacuum regularly to clean it.


Don’t rush to vacuum

Merely running the vacuum quickly on the surface will not do much in cleaning at all! Instead of rushing it, take your time to move the vacuum in forwarding and backward motion across the floors at the correct speed to ensure that every inch of dust on the floor is picked up properly. The vacuum’s vibrations will loosen the debris inside the carpet fibers when making a pass on the targeted surface to pick up any debris.


Give extra attention to high traffic areas

You should determine the frequency of vacuum according to room usage. It is vital to clean more on the areas that have high traffic, like a living room and bedroom.


Choose the right vacuum cleaner 

The various types of vacuum available in the market now might confuse you on choosing which one to use, do not panic. You can start by observing the kind of flooring you have installed in the house and choose the vacuum accordingly to your needs. Different attachments are available with the vacuums for various kinds of surfaces as well.



How to clean or maintain your vacuum

Just like any machine in this world, the vacuum needs to be properly maintained to ensure operational efficiency in the long run. Here are some tips on how you can clean or maintain your vacuum.


For upright vacuum

It is very important to replace the bag regularly

The easiest and fastest maintenance for this model is to replace the bag regularly. Always empty the pack when it is 2/3 full, do not wait to unpack it until the container is packed to the brim.


For canister vacuum

Remember to empty the canister more often

The same thing as the upright vacuum, do not wait to dump the dirt in the cartridge only when it reaches the marker. You may even need to rinse out the cartridge with water to make sure that it is immaculate.


For both model

  • Check the filters — Remember to clean the HEPA filter to make sure that the air is always clean
  • Clean the attachments’ heads — Always clean the brush rolls to make sure that no floss or hairs stuck inside, which later will affect the efficiency of the vacuum.



I believed that at this point, you had mastered the art of vacuuming. Although vacuuming is not an enjoyable chore, we need to do it regularly to make sure the household is free from germs and set our headspace clear from the mess. All the best, happy vacuuming!

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