Shower Curtain For Small Bathroom

Shower Curtain For Small Bathroom

A vital accessory for the bathroom is a shower curtain as it’s an attractive decorative piece. The shower curtain is the best option for bathrooms that are small in size, which is why it will make such a huge difference to choose the right curtain when decorating the room. Perhaps the most effective and the best way to upgrade your bathroom is to purchase a modern shower curtain.

In contrast to a glass shower door that will make the bathroom appear cramped and smaller, the correct shower curtain will make the bathroom look bigger. Before you go shopping for the best shower curtains for small bathrooms, you’ll want to pick one that won’t make a little bathroom feel smaller.

This article will be reviewing the below bathroom essentials; 

Benefit Of Putting Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are realistic. These are primarily used to avoid water and moisture from exiting the bathroom or shower region, and that way aids in protection during a wash. But, they ‘re also useful in keeping your bathroom feeling and looking gorgeous.

Shower Curtain For Small Bathroom
Putting Show Curtain Can Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Look larger

Who doesn’t want spare space in their bathroom? Shower curtains are an excellent alternative for bathrooms that do not have adequate room for sliding glass doors or swinging glass doors. There is an option for shower curtains that enable their users to install them on their ceilings using low-profile tracks, which will allow you to open the curtains and also make the bathroom appear larger.

  • Opt for the right color for you. Ask yourself, what’s the perfect color that makes your bathroom look bigger? Most specialists would consider using neutral or light paint colors as it is the safest and most comfortable option for the walls of the small bathroom. You can choose cream, white, or yellow as a standard choice.
  • You may even opt to attach little quips to the bathroom by selecting more colorful shower curtains. Alternatively, paint the bathroom wall with a dark color and use a white shower curtain or a light curtain to make your bathroom look spacious and open.

Adds Color To Your bathroom

Do you know shower curtains serve many other uses as well, like staging scenes and adding drama creating beautiful bathrooms or showers?  Draping fabric constructed from the bathroom ceiling, adds softness to dull bathtub/shower places and hardened ceramic tiles.

You can add a dramatic shower curtain to change the decorative aspect or focal point in your bathroom. To make your shower area beautiful, you can use fabrics, window-treatment materials, or corporate decorative sheets. Here are a few ways you could choose to make your bathroom shower curtain look great.

  • You can add visual height by hanging your curtains from the ceiling, enlarging your bathroom, and elevating your bathroom.
  • Add bright wallpaper, or use stylish bath accessories to match your shower curtain and bathroom.

Types of Popular Shower Curtain

  • Polyester — curtains that you can buy on a budget and are easy to find as you can find them in several shopping outlets and department stores. They come in numerous patterns and colors, are resistant to mildew and mold, and are immune to creasing and shrinking. They’re easy to clean, drop them in a washing machine and dryer. 
  • Vertical — are shower curtains that are lightweight with vertical lines that attract the user’s attention are excellent options to make the bathroom appear larger. It would help if you opted for light colors, open-weave patterns, and silent patterns.d You want to keep clear from bright, bold colors and horizontal lines that draw walls into you.
  • Cloth — constructed of natural fibers. Cotton and linen shower curtains come in a broad range of colors, designs, weaves, and thicknesses. Other virtues of cotton shower curtains include elegant, eco-friendly, and lighter than plastic curtains.
  • Vinyl — repel water and leave your bathroom floor without mildew, dry and clean. These are durable, long-lasting, low-cost, low-maintenance, and fade-resistant. You’ve got a wide variety of patterns, sizes, designs, colors to pick when opting for vinyl.

Buying Guide For Shower Curtain For Small Bathroom

Measure For The Right Size

A typical shower curtain measures at 72 inches by 72 inches and looks more square-like in shape. You do not need to be concerned if your curtain rail is shorter than the typical size, as it is unlikely that you draw or drape your curtain entirely. The extra-long shower curtain can range from 78 inches to over 90 inches in length. If your shower space is large, you don’t want the water to spread soaking up the whole bathroom floor. In such cases, you might need an extra long curtain that ranges from either 78-90 inches in length. It is essential to note that the curtain’s height should typically stay the same. You should measure the height and width of your shower and bathtub before you go to the shops for your new shower curtain; it’s an important step not to overlook.

Pick The Suitable Color

Select a sturdy shower curtain with the same color as the bathroom walls make the bathroom look smaller. Use a matching hue as you pick a shower curtain. You can use multiple colors of the same tone to create a more spacious look. I also recommend that you look for a shower curtain with a pattern on the fabric to create a weave.

Select An Appropriate Pattern.

The pattern of your bathroom comes down to the bathroom furniture style. Shower curtains are typically available as durable curtains or designs. For a more discreet feel, the safest option is a sturdy shower curtain. But, if you want the divider to be the focal point of your bathroom, go with a patterned style, but one that blends well with the rest of the bathroom.

Choose The Right Material

The most straightforward approach to preventing mold and mildew is to use waterproof material or clothing that dries quickly and clears steam. The other advantage of the waterproof material is that it is much easier to clean. Everything you need to do is wipe off with a gentle cleanser and cotton cloth.

Review of the 5 Best Shower Accessories

AmazonBasics Shower Curtain with Hooks

The design of this shower curtain is undoubtedly one of the features most celebrated. From its bold stripes and neutral palette, the curtain easily fits into many other design schemes, as its very chic and stylish look allows the curtain to look like it costs more than it does. The 100 percent polyester material is much lighter, adheres to the inside of the tub better, and dries in one-third of the time.

This 72- by the 72-inch polyester shower curtain is water-repellent as well as mold- and mildew-resistant. It has a weighted edge to help it hang nicely, and there are rust-resistant grommets along the top corner.

The shower curtain comes in four classic patterns, including polka dots, stripes, herringbone, and plain white. Additionally, you’ll get 12 plastic curtain hooks, and the curtain is machine washable for easy maintenance. The material provides privacy and decorative appeal and can be used with or without curtain liner and made from certified textiles that meet high safety and environmental standards.

  • 100% polyester that is resistant to mold and mildew
  • Stylish neutral color palettes
  • Fabric is Water-repellent and dries fast
  • Provides privacy
  • Small-sized metal grommets
  • Hard to insert curtain rings

AmazonBasics Athena Embroidered Shower Curtain

This stylish curtain is excellent as its unique stitched pattern is an inspired embroidered Grecian that gives the bathroom an aesthetic focal point. It features standard grommet holes along the top for hanging, which you can quickly install unto the curtain and remove it for occasional machine washing.

Additionally, this shower curtain is made from 100% polyester making it resistant to mold and mildew. Also, the material allows the curtain to be immune to shrinking and creasing as well as being resistant to tear and everyday use. The shower curtain fits standard bathtubs showers dimensions of 72 x 72 Inches and provides a secondary barrier against water leakage. You will need to use the curtain as an outer layer as you will need an interior shower plastic liner with the curtain for privacy. It is a fabric that can serve you for many years without getting damaged and be productive.

  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Immune to shrinking and creasing
  • Can be steam cleaned
  • Visually attractive
  • Thin curtain material
  • Rings not included for ring holes

Ombre Textured Shower Curtain with Beaded Rings

The shower curtain comes in a graduated shade tone that goes from light to dark color tones. It is functional and fashionable as its bold, bright colors will add drama as a decorative aspect or as a focal point. This stylish design comes with twelve shower curtain metal hooks, which are rust-resistant and have coordinated plastic color beads that match with the curtain for easy installation. 

Additionally, the shower curtain can fit onto a standard curtain rod as it measures at 72 inches in length and 70 inches in width. The curtain material is 100% polyester; the curtains material allows it to be machine washable as it is durable and is stain and fade resistant. It will help if your curtains are machine washed separately and in cold water with a mild detergent or bleach with no chlorine under a gentle cycle. Furthermore, you can tumble dry on low and iron the curtains’ reverse side after immediately removing from the dryer. To add security to the curtain as it is not waterproof, you should also add a vinyl curtain liner as it will also provide a layer that will ensure the curtain is not see-through for privacy.

  • Strong material and thick
  • Vibrant, stylish color
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • The material can look wrinkled when delivered
  • Is not a real waffle fabric

Maytex Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain

Small bathrooms come with limited space making this shower curtain one of the best organizational shower curtains that are best suited for individuals with high bathroom traffic and in need of storage space. This vinyl curtain comes with nine mesh pockets that differ in size from 4 small pockets plus three medium-sized rockets and two large-sized pockets. The pockets can support personal care items that weigh up to two pounds in each pocket, from baby bath toys to shower accessories.

Additionally, you have the option to hang your curtains two ways based on the design option by hanging the curtain as a shower liner inside or outside as a shower curtain. Rinsing away dirt is simple as the fabrics are pure PEVA with no chloride, allowing you not to think about unnecessary contaminants being steamed into the air when you are showering. Also, the material is waterfree and rust-free.

  • Material cleans easily
  • Lightweight
  • Installs easily
  • Durable
  • Saves space
  • PEVA non-toxic material
  • Can build mold
  • The material does not provide privacy

Zenna Double Curved Shower Rod

This aluminum composition on this curved shower rod is one of its main features as it is rustproof, lightweight, and durable. It comes in three styles and colors: heritage bronze, satin nickel and chrome. The rod fits all standard tubs at a size of 45 to 72 inches. You can easily install the shower rods yourself as it has instructions included in the package and mounting hardware that requires no cutting or can opt to use a professional.

Two rods are better than one as this dual rod design provides a second-rod with which you can use to hang towels or clothes or to separate a shower liner and shower curtain to help keep mildew from forming. Additionally, its innovative double curve, gives in shower storage space as well. They will provide a pleasing look to your bathroom as they have a rich chrome finish that complements most bath décor and hardware choices.

  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Can self-install
  • Can hang curtains and liners separately
  • Requires mounting
  • Can break if you hang heavy materials on the bars

The Final Verdict:

For durability, quality, and contemporary design, the Maytex Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain is the best buy making it the winner from the above review shower accessories. The shower curtain comes as a curtain and liner in a clear neutral color that enlarges small bathrooms and shower spaces. Additionally, it comes with additional storage space from its pockets. You can clean the curtain efficiently because of its not toxic vinyl material and is lightweight.

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