best shower tile cleaner

Best Shower Tile Cleaner

We have to admit — spending an afternoon cleaning the bathroom will never be one of your favorite things to do. The task can be made so much easier by having the best shower cleaners in your home and on hand, The items you should think about when shopping around for the best shower cleaning products as discussed below;

The following cleaner will be reviewed in this article:

Best Shower Tile Cleaner Reviews

Below is a list of the best shower tiles cleaner on the market. A brief synopsis, along with pros, cons are provided.

Charlie’s Soap

What’s impressive about this cleaner: Best for grease and grime

Although most shower tile cleaners that tackle grease and grime use strong chemicals, in the long run, they become harmful to the user and the environment. This multipurpose cleaner is perfect for cleaning oil and dirt, as it is a harsh but gentle daily cleanser. Also, it is non-toxic, biodegradable, safe, and effective without containing lye, dyes, bleach, perfumes, or abrasives — best of all, it is excellent on washable surfaces such as the tiles. Furthermore, gently removing grime and dirt, breaking bonds between surface and soil made from natural and environmentally safe ingredients.

You can clean residue, not see and dirt seen while sustaining the habitat. With all that said, you have an assured certified product with a low impact on our planet made from pure ingredients that are the best. A reliable cleaner that is environmentally friendly and healthy when cleaning by achieving your cleaning goals without any fillers, brighteners, and perfumes.

  • You can clean the whole bathroom, showers, kitchens, tiles (including ceramic), floors, grout, and sinks.
  • With no chemicals added or needed, it firmly takes care of suds, dirt, watermarks, grime, sediments and all kinds of messes
  • Cleans better than any bleach, at 3x times more per swipe
  • It’s better than traditional soaps, not tested on animals
  • Leaves a fresh, clean smell in the shower
  • Can leave a film that will need washing off.
  • This cleaner can dry your hands; gloves needed

Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover

What’s impressive about this cleaner: Best for mold and mildew

Although many shower cleaners fight mold, most of them rely on bleach, which is merely a temporary remedy. Hydrogen peroxide is in this bleach-free shower cleaner formula, which hits the mold’s root and makes the shower look cleaner than ever before. This bubbling solution also eliminates up to 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria in addition to reducing shower build-up. Additionally, the cleaner is powerful, eliminating messes on bathroom surfaces and shower tiles. The disinfectant spray has a formula that removes mildew and mold stains with zero scrubbing required as the spray penetrates the surfaces disintegrating all grime, dirt, and soap scum. You’ll feel protected as this will once and for all nip the development of dangerous microbes in your shower. Surely it helps restore the charm of your home and bathroom. It can refresh the air and certainly help with successful cleaning.

  • A powerful cleaner that equally cleans like other products with bleach even though it does not have bleach
  • A trustworthy product that is leading in the market that cleans tiles, windows, toilets, tubs, counters, vinyl curtains, and fiberglass. Also a grout cleaner.
  • To see the remarkable differences, you need to wait for 10 mins after application to clean off.
  • It does wonder in removing residues by simply wiping them off
  • Easy to find in the market and is very affordable
  • It does the job it’s supposed to and accurately cleans away mold and mildew
  • Need to spray a lot of liquid for effective deeper cleaning

Fuller Brush Bath Clean

What’s impressive about this cleaner: Best foam cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning

The shower cleaner offers a durable formula for heavy-duty tasks, which will bring stubborn grime and dirt out of your shower. It’s especially hard on soap scum. The foam cleaner can be used on glazed ceramic tiles, tubs, and fiberglass— while on unsealed granite, brass, acrylic, granite, and marble may not be protected. Best of all, when it’s clean, it changes color from blue to bright white, so you’ll know whenever it’s time to clean it off. The product leaves no sticky residue; it prevents a build-up of mineral stains. Additionally, this all-purpose cleaner is non-abrasive, working quickly and effectively to remove hard soap scums and tough water stains. A trusted brand from GRIMEGUARD that repels shower dirt, scum, and grime, allowing you to not clean so often as the produced invisible coating keeps your shower surfaces clean and shiny.

  • The sturdy foam prevents a build-up of grime and dirt.
  • You will see all dirt and stains effectively rid off
  • Hard water build-up from dissolves minerals
  • Provides protection from its formula that’s perfect for guarding against grime
  • You will see the shine from the previous restoration
  • Produces a chemically strong smell

Spray Nine

What’s impressive about this cleaner: Best disinfectant or professional-strength cleaner

Spray Nine can safely be declared as a reliable cleaner among other showers cleaners on the market today. It is a strong degreaser on the one hand and a deadly germ and virus killer on the other. The secret formula works on virtually every surface except for wooden floors and furniture. You can use it to cure shower tiles and soap scum, white grout in the shower, soot and smoke, as well as dried stains. The brand is non-toxic and doesn’t leave behind any hazardous chemical fumes from its unique formula that allows it to have that industrial-strength still when used. 

It’s a multipurpose cleaner that can be used indoors and outdoors (from cleaning delicate fabrics to electrical and mechanical tools). For best use, when diluted with vinegar, it’s most effective on shower tiles. 

  • The cleaner prevents the growth of molds and bacteria on tiles.
  • Can clean myriads of household applications.
  • It works splendidly on a whole range of surfaces.
  • Instant Effect.
  • Cleans up everything from grime, spills, a build-up on furniture from dust
  • It has a strong smell from chemicals.

OdoBan 32X Bathroom Cleaner

What’s impressive about this cleaner: Best daily leave-on spray

deal for glass, tiles, concrete, stone, and many other surfaces, this shower cleaner is plant-based and is intended to be sprayed every day after you have a shower to prevent soap scum and dirt from building up. Moreover, it has a sweet, minty fragrance, and has no toxic ingredients or chemicals. Further, a cleaner that is ready to use has both cleaning and thickening agents that helps remove soap scum and hard, tough water stains. Likewise, you can effectively clean your walls, counters, fixtures, tubs, floors, tile, and basins. Additionally, it dissolves a build-up of oil and grease quickly. Furthermore, this product formulates biodegradable surfactants, and organic acids that are a certified Green Seal, Earth Choice proven safer.

  • It’s perfect and safe for your families, especially newborns at your house; you’ll know that green products are needed
  • It cleans away hard water stains, mold, and mildew
  • It is free from phthalates, phosphates, dyes, and parabens
  • You can use this daily after showering
  • Can extend your cleaning time to fewer times monthly
  • For some people, the scent could be heavy which is a turn-off
  • It takes a long time to dissolve dirt after spraying it. Leave on time is too long.

The Verdict

From my perspective, based on the information given above, the clear winner for the shower tile cleaner is the Spray Nine. This multi-purpose ready to use cleaner is the best disinfectant and professional-strength cleaner. It’s the most versatile cleaner in this category because it effectively disinfects, degreases, removes grime, controls mildew and mold, removes stains and deodorizes. 

Furthermore, it is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product. Additionally, it is a reliable deep cleaner among other cleaners on the market today that cures shower tiles and soap scum, white grout in the shower, soot and smoke, as well as dried stains. 

Things to Consider While Buying Best Shower Tile Cleaner

Ceramic tiles have a lifespan of up to 100years. Stone walls and floors can last up to what seems like a lifetime as 100 years is a lot. So, when it comes to the choice for the best shower tile cleaner, that first step is crucial when it comes to the perseverance of shower tiles. 

Essential things to think of are:


It is vital when purchasing a shower tile cleaner for oneself; that’s why being friendly to your pocket is the wisest decision to make — especially considering that you might need it every month. So going overboard with a product that is fancy priced will become overwhelming, making affordability a key factor.

Power of Cleaner

Consider what kind of grime you’re going to be cleaning up. Is your shower mostly filled with either scum soap or dirt? Or are you struggling with such issues such as rust, mildew, and mold? Different cleaners are going to be more effective for various purposes, so bear that in mind as you peruse your choices.


You also have to make sure your cleaner is environmentally friendly and trustworthy. Investing in a shower cleaner that protects aquatic life and is environmentally friendly can be assured to protect your life, family life, and home.

Cleaning ability

The overall goal is to have a sanitized and clean bathroom, so having a cleaner that works and supports is the goal. You’re going to need to be sure that the shower cleaner you buy is doing what it promises. The easiest way of determining choice can read through reviews to see what others are thinking. All the hard work I did for you to save you some time and assembled a selection of the best shower cleaners for a variety of needs. Look at it and be prepared to make your bathroom sparkle.


It would be best if you avoided the cleaners that are especially fragrant as they can be highly upsetting to the elderly and children. It’s also a warning that there are many more chemical additives in the substance than usually should be. Perfumes can also irritate the skin and cause rashes, eczema, etc. Just opt for a cleaner with no strong flavor. When you feel like a gentle perfume helps to improve mood, instead opt for essential oils.

Best Way To clean shower tile 

There is no wrong or right when cleaning the shower tiles. Nevertheless, some ways may be of help to you when cleaning your tiles. Take a read and carefully observe the procedures:

  1. The first step you need to take is to use a sponge to remove or wash away the grime and dirt
  2. Sprinkle cold water over the tiles and start to scour a little
  3. Use either a sponge or a microfiber towel and dip it into the solution
  4. Or you can dilute your cleaners mixture and directly spray on tile walls and floors as per manufacturer’s instructions and requirements
  5. You then use a sponge or power scrubber to scrub the tiles with
  6. To see a change use freshwater water to wash off the walls
  7. Dry of the walls and floor with a microfiber cloth
  8. If not satisfied with the results repeat the above mentioned for best results

What to do daily

Breeding germs cause mildew in the dark, and mold grows in a damp environment. The shower needs to be left dry, minimizing funk as well. 

  • Water on doors, floors, and walls should be squeezed.
  • Dry-wipe the walls, floors, and shower doors from any leftover condensation
  • Reduce humidity in the bathroom by leaving the window open or using a vent
  • Leave the shower doors or curtains open to allow dispersion of humidity

Benefits of Using Shower Tile Cleaner

The suds of soap, daily showering, traces of water and contaminants make the shower appear shabby. What you want is from time to time to clean the bathroom to give it a bit of life. Hands down, a clean shower will make you happy when taking showers. Cleaning your shower gives you more than you could think of

  • Keeping your shower sterile of bacteria and other dangerous growth of the fungus which can trigger serious problems
  • Taking a bath in a sterile environment is always safe to avoid affection or getting compromised
  • A shower tile cleaner helps you save a lot by not driving you to hire professional services to restore and wash the tiles, saving you hundreds of dollars 
  • There are user-friendly cleaners out there that don’t require much know-how or learning to use them 
  • Regular cleaning with these cleaners will prevent you from cleaning every day, like four times a week instead of all complete seven days
  • You can deep clean once a month or once a week, or in a fortnight or weekly basis
  • The right cleaner leaves your shower clean for a long time, leaving you happy and satisfied for some time without worry and giving you a little leg room to relax.

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