best handheld power scrubber

handheld power scrubber

Cleaning all the corners and crooks in my house can be so stressful and tiresome. Thinking about it makes me anxious. The process of scrubbing the floors, tiles, bathroom walls leaves my back aching and wrist hurting. Because the task is grueling, it was vital for me to find ways that will ease the tasks of cleaning. The power scrubber is one of those tools I find is essential in not only lessening the effort put in cleaning, but it also speeds up the cleaning time – removing dirt and grime in minutes!

The following review will be on below Handheld Power Scrubbers  in this article;

How to Choose a Handheld Power Scrubber

There are several available designs, so knowing which one is right for you can be a tedious thought? I’ve assembled a checklist of what you need to know so you can make the right choice for your home:


A worthwhile investment is a power scrubber that includes an array of brush heads. They are even more customizable, saving you money from buying extra gadgets. The detailer, flat brush, scrubbing pad, and the round brush, are standard attachments.

Brush hardness: Evaluate the thickness and material of the bristles on your brush. You will need soft bristles for delicate surfaces, while exposed areas with stubborn grime may need something sturdier and longer-lasting. Brushes that are of medium-grade are the best option —as they are stiff enough to thoroughly clean, but soft enough to avoid getting damaged or causing damage.

Rotating speed: 

A fast rotation on a brush that makes it more effective. On an excellent handheld power scrubber, the rotating speed should be at a minimum of 300 RPM. With this speed, you can easily clean off grout, dirt, soap scum, and so much off of shower walls, kitchen table top, bathtub, and so on. However, you also need to check the power rating of the power scrubber. The scrubber with higher power rating will have enough torque to clean the surface compared to lower power rating scrubber even both are in the same rotating speed.

Power source and runtime: 

The power scrubbers models that operate using cords cost less to maintain and won’t run out of power. Battery-powered power scrubbers are more comfortable to use as they have a more excellent range; however, they are high maintenance and have limited ability.

Waterproof: Most power scrubbers are waterproof as their coated with a water-resistant sealant or are watertight, making it easier to use in drains and sinks or with detergent with safety while protecting the cable and battery from spills.

Types of brushes and surfaces: 

  • The Poly brush – Can be used for general scrubbing and is the ideal brush for washing your bathroom tile and floor with grout lines.
  • The Nylon brush – This brush is highly resistant to abrasive substances and can last for years, even rough, concrete-floored surfaces or parking lots.
  • The Scrub grit brush – You can use this on floor surfaces such as tiles, finishes of non-slip epoxy, and terrazzo. Sturdy and robust on hard surfaces.
  • The Strip grit brush – The brush is an aggressive brush that scrubs excellent on tiles and removing grease off hardwood floors.

Advantages of power scrubbers

Money savers

The power scrubber’s total cost is high, but thanks to its reliability, you’ll save a great deal of money. Brushes are preferable to sponges as they will not retain water and are not disposable after a week. Because they dry quicker, there’s less chance of breeding bacteria or germs on them or inside.

Kills Germs

Residues of food propagate bacteria that spreads quickly to other kitchen surfaces. Although something may look clean— when you handle something dirty— those hands will spread this bacteria on to anything else you encounter. You can vigorously use a scrubbing brush to remove unnecessary germs and foods. The fastest and most efficient way to get this done is by using a high-powered scrubber.

Efficient Design

Manual scrubbing is not the most glamorous cleaning activity, particularly when deep-rooted dirt and grime are involved. Nobody likes to stick their hands in dirty sink water or dirty dishwater. Tackling icky liquids is a regrettable chore. Fortunately, with a power scrubber, the task is reduced significantly. For that, you can thank the scrubber’s shape. Its form helps keep your hands dry. It’s long handles ensure that if you don’t need to have contact with the water, you don’t have to.

FAQ About Handheld Power Scrubber 

Which areas can I use the handheld power scrubber?

  • You can use the handheld power scrubber to clean kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, floors, walls, and cars, e.t.c. 

When should you be removing the head of the brush?

  • If you use the brushes at least two times a day, replace brush heads when the bristles wear out, or every three months. Brush heads are less efficient or can get damaged because of the plaque removal tasks.

Can I clean the tile and bathtub surface using power scrubbers?

  • It’s great on any surfaces such as tiles, porcelain, and hardwood floors using recommended attachments for each surface type.

Would this be of use in wet places?

  • It is waterproof. Sealing it and making it resistant to water splashes.

What do you do to remove the head from the brush?

  • You can pull off the head. It’s pretty hard to start with, but it comes off much more natural after several changes

Is it comfortable and light to hold?

  • It is slightly heavy but not too heavy. 

Best Handheld Power Scrubber Reviews

Below is a list of best handheld power scrubber on the market. A brief synopsis, along with pros, cons are provided

Super Sonic Scrubber

This product contains five different brush heads and one central body. It comes as a complete package but small in size, which makes it a good value for money. Besides, it’s flexible, with a collection of additional features including a hard brush, broad brush, super hard pad, hard pad, semi-hard pad, and a soft pad that comes with IPX7 waterproof features and a telescopic handle making it a heavy-duty cleaner.

Furthermore, these multi-purpose tools’ versatile brushes can clean different places. For a swimming pool, bathroom, or a hard tile floor, the hard brush or broad brush is best for the tub and hardwood floors, the super hard pad, or hard pad. For mirrors and glass, the semi-hard pad and a soft pad are best. Moreover, the power scrubber is cordless and made from recycled materials making it environmentally friendly. An easy tool to use that is adjustable depending on the cleaning angle, preventing exhaustion and pain, trying to clean edges that are hard to reach. Additionally, it can reach up to 175 rpm in speed with battery power for up to two and a half hours.


  • Scrubs any surface
  • The long-lasting battery and very powerful
  • Waterproof


  • Weak at scrubbing grime and dirt

WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber

This cordless power scrubber comes with a powerful rechargeable 3.65V 4300Mah battery life that can run up to 60-90 mins charging fast in three and a half hours with an anti overcharge that will help prevent overheating. It comes with four different heads of brushes that can rotate at 360 degrees spin at high speed of 280–300 RPM allowing the bathroom, kitchen, and tub cleaning all angles. Can detach the extension handle twice, allowing the handles to be adjusted to suit different cleaning needs. Its stiff bristles can clean out dirt and grout in tile corners. Additionally, it can be carried around the home, making cleaning easy and cleaning multiple types of surfaces as it’s lightweight. 

For large contact areas like floor surfaces can use the hard flat brush, for small spaces like sinks should use the small flat brush, for curved surfaces like bathtubs can use the comer round bush and for the corner gaps such as stove tops can use the pointed brush. It can operate under any conditions as it’s waterproof but submerges for long. Additionally, it’s resistant to bacteria and mildew.


  • It has an extendable handle
  • It has four brush heads that are replaceable and interchangeable 
  • Time saver cuts time in half


  • Produces some noise

MECO Electric Spin Scrubber

The power scrubber helps to reduce body aches and pains by relaxing the back and shoulders because of its powerful and efficient design. It comes with three replaceable brush heads, a rounded brush head ideal for sinks and bathtubs, a Flatbush that’s ideal for ceramic tile floors, stoves and ovens, and the pointed corner brush that’s ideal for corners and window seals, which you can pull or press to connect to the machine. Additionally, it has a comfortable and easy to use the ergonomic handle, light to carry, and makes very little noise at 70 decibels. 

A simple design that needs less exertion when changing brush heads while cleaning with a built-in LED indicator to monitor the battery that can charge when required. Furthermore, its spinning head is powerful and fast at 350 rmp as it’s also waterproof. The battery takes 4-5 hours to charge, needing charging before use with a 2200MHA battery that is rechargeable and built-in that can work up to 60 minutes continuously. The handheld design helps to flexibly clean without hurting your wrist but holds brushes firmly, so they don’t come loose.


  • It’s cost-effective and handy
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Quickly scrubs and removes tough stains


  • The power scrubber takes too long to charge at 5 hours for a full recharge. 

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber 

This tub and tile powered scrubber can be commercially used, using batteries, and is quite easy and convenient. Furthermore, its size allows it to clean the smallest spaces; it also provides for transportation as its compatible with that movement while cleaning. While it is a perfect power scrub for showers, it can also alternate as a power scrubber for dishwashing. The setting for the power scrubber can be changed to either scrub continuously or pulsate depending on surface types. Additionally, it scrubs twice as much faster as manual scrubbing at 60 scrubs per second.

Also, it’s easily transported, ensuring there is fast and easy cleaning on any surfaces with power at 6 volts. Additionally, it scrubs the stains and dirt that are hard to reach. Together it comes with three brush heads such as the grout brush, which is ideal for cleaning bathroom corners, broad multi-purpose brush, which is suitable for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as a versatile brush that’s good on light spots that need cleaning. The handles have a firm grip that’s ergonomic and easy to use.


  • Easily cleans tight and small areas
  • Portable
  • Affordable 


  • Does not include replacement brushes
  • Not suitable for larger spaces or surfaces

YOUKADA Electric Spin Scrubber

It is a perfect choice for a regular, get-the-job-done, power scrubber. With a handle that reaches up to 41 inches, one can reach certain places that are otherwise difficult to access. It is also extremely waterproof, which means that if you need to, you can clean your swimming pool and bathtubs. Due to its size, even standing up, you can quickly handle the tasks at hand-which means less pressure on your knees and back. It can be used up to 70mins, ensuring you have more than enough time to get different jobs done – and with 300 RPM speed and 6-7 hours recharge time.

The three different brushes are suitable for various jobs; the extra wide-flat brush is ideal for flat surfaces, walls, and tiles. The pointed corner brush is perfect for irregular surfaces such as crevices, corners, gaps, and air conditioners, and the dome brush is ideal for floor sinks, toilets, and car rims.


  • Not much movement is required as it has a long handle
  • Has a speed of 300 RPM making it a powerful scrubber
  • The long battery life of 70 mins


  • Has soft bristles


Having a clean house is something we all desire. With all this information making the right choice can be challenging. I’ve listed my verdict of the best handheld power scrubber as the WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber. This power scrubber is efficient and effective as it can clean different surfaces using the four different brush attachments for various tasks and tasks needs. Its long extendable handle that can be detached allows you to clean different spaces throughout the home and helps save time. Additionally, it has the shortest charging time at 3.5 hours and the longest operating time at 60-90 mins.


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