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A bathroom is the house’s most popular spot used for almost everything. It is mandatory to keep all your bathroom accessories and fixtures fresh and clean. Yet, when working with the bathtub and bathroom, cleaning certainly is not a small task. But these things have become very simple to do thanks to technological advances. Special appreciation goes to the best bathroom cleaners.

This article is going to review the following best bathroom cleaners. 

How to deep clean a bathtub?


The choice of the right cleaning materials and products is essential, so you don’t damage your bathtub. If you want to avoid getting exhausted fast, you should use the right bristle brush, squeegee, sponge, or microfiber cloth at the right time. The steps to take to deep clean your bathtub whilst avoiding exhaustion and bathtub damage are as follows;

  1. You will need to rinse your bathroom with heated water, then spray your choice in brand bathroom cleaner and let it sit as instructed for a specified time. Usually, this is from 3-30mins depending on the brand. 
  2. You’ll need to use a bristle brush (preferably one you can use while standing and not bending over) for effortless cleaning to scrub the tub. 
  3. You will then rinse off the bathtub with a sponge to eliminate hard water 
  4. Finally, you will dry off the bath with a microfiber cloth.

It’s important to remember not to mix chemicals by mixing cleaning products. That doesn’t mean deep clean bathtubs but may cause harm by creating toxic fumes that could burn your skin, discolor your tub, or fabrics used to clean.


How to clean without scratching or damaging your bathtub?


An essential rule is to avoid using rough measures of cleaning by making sure your bathroom gets cleaned every day after use. By only using warm water, soap, a sponge, and a micro-fiber cloth to dry the bathtub after use, one can avoid the build-up of mildew and grime. 

It is equally critical to identify the material of your tub so you can avoid using cleaning tools that are damaging to your bathtub. 

The essential tools required to clean without damaging or scratching are patience and time in the cases where your bathtub is very moldy, mildew, full of grime, and hard, for harsh cleaning. For most bathtub cleaners to work, time and patience are skills needed after spraying the formulas in the tub to allow the mixture to disintegrate the dirt. Cleaning the tub is natural then, without using hard bristles to scrub which can sometimes damage or scratch your bathtub. The most important thing to remember is to prevent surface scratchers like scouring powders, highly abrasive brushes, and steel wool.


Advantage of using bathtub cleaner


Using the right bathtub cleaner will not only clean your bathtub without doing much damage but also save you a lot of time. Here are some of the few benefits.

  • Cleaning efficiency — Bathtub cleaners have a unique formula that kills germs and bacteria. They improve safety by clearing mildew that causes slippages. They also keep pests away while reducing the spread of germs and symptoms of allergies and asthma. 
  • Easy to use — It’s easy to clean as you do not require a lot of energy to scrub dirt, mold, and stains.
  • Time-saving — The formula for bathtub cleaners helps households ease the task of cleaning bathtubs from time spent; they reduce minutes in cleaning, whereby you end up taking 20 minutes to clean the bathroom instead of spending 1 hr. 
  • Environment-friendly — They provide a healthy environment for people in the household by eliminating harmful bacteria that can cause diseases and fungus infections.
  • Protects your bathtub — They will help clean bathtubs without using harsh cleaning tools such as hard bristle brushes that scratch bathroom materials. By spraying, waiting and wiping using a sponge or microfiber cloth you are guaranteed no scratches to your bathtub
  • Less risk — Most cleaners do not need mixing making them non-harmful or poisonous, they also do not cause skin irritation and burn eyes. 
  • Multi-purpose — They clean all the fixtures from sinks, faucets, curtains and glass doors, ceramic walls surrounding the tub making bathtub cleaners very useful and multi-purpose cleaners. 


How to choose the best bathtub cleaner? 


Your Bathtub cleaner choice will depend on what you desire to achieve. Some bathtub cleaners are made to exclusively clean certain fixtures or solve certain problems. 

Save Cost and Create space in your cabinet 

Multi-purpose bathroom cleaners are the best solution; they can be used every day and will target dirt and germs on all fixtures in your bathroom: the best multi-purpose bathtub cleaners clean mirrors, glass surfaces, marble, stainless steel, and ceramic surfaces.


Environmentally friendly 

Natural products made from natural ingredients without chemicals are the best option. It’s most satisfactory to get a BPA-free bathroom cleaner that is all-natural. Certain bathroom cleaners are health-friendly and environmentally friendly as well. Bathtub cleaners that consume copious quantities of chemicals to wash the bathtub are often dry.


Save Time and Effort

It would be best if you considered substantial commercial, not concentrated chemical bathtub cleaners that will perform efficiently and effectively. The spray time to melt molds and mildew depends on how dirty your tub is. Less effort will be put to clean while time to clean is longer. It would be best if you also considered looking for bathtub cleaners that target the specific problem. It’s ok to have more than one type of bathroom cleaner in your home. You will utilize all of them at one point or another, so it’s not a waste. 

The best bathtub cleaners cause a lasting effect that does not require routine use. The quantity needed for the job of cleaning also becomes smaller. All you require to achieve a polished surface is to wipe the dirt off with a fresh cloth after spraying the bathroom. Leaving your bathtub cleaner for a few minutes to melts away mildews.


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Here is a selection of this year’s best Bathroom Cleaners. A short overview is presented along with advantages and disadvantages.

Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover

Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover is a bathroom cleaning formula that is non-abrasive, bleach-free, and designed to instantly clean bathroom surfaces without scrubbing. This cleaner stands out as it saves time when cleaning by blasting through water stains and soap scum quickly with little effort. Not only does it clear, tough scum, but it also leaves your bathroom smelling fresh and clean while enhancing the air quality.

The highlights of this bathroom cleaner are that it’s a non-toxic cleaning formula that allows you to clean your bathtub daily without any health scares. It’s bleach-free and easy to use. Rejuvenate No Scrub Soap Scum Remover is one of the best bathtub cleaners in the market today with a Greenguard Gold Certification. This bathtub cleaner cleans different materials such as plastic, glass, fiberglass, ceramic tile, natural stone, porcelain, and chrome to a streaked finish. It’s an essential featured cleaning product for your household cleaning kit. The soap scum remover is easy to use through its 3-minute spray, wait, rinse, and walk away procedure.


  • It’s time-saving as it takes very little time to clean
  • Emits Low chemicals through its Non-toxic, Non-abrasive formula
  • Good for the environment
  • It has a light, airy smell
  • It does not burn eyes and throat


  • It’s not entirely odorless.
  • Light scrubbing required in some instances/cases


Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

This cleaner is a substantial commercial, with no harsh chemical formula. It produces no bleach; it’s a non-toxic, no acid bathroom cleaner designed to clean tough jobs mostly by professional, meticulous cleaners. It’s a multi-purpose cleaner that cleans tough grime and soap scum in bathtubs. It also cleans showers, bathrooms, grout, tiles, fiberglass, ceramic sinks, boats, chrome wheel rims, stainless steel, outdoor furniture, and much more. 

Additionally, it will leave your bathtub sparkling clean and shiny with a pleasant light, fresh lemon water scent. It leaves glass doors clear, clears the yellow and dull stains off acrylic textured bathtubs and chrome fixtures. Little to no scrubbing needed to clean. For unpleasant jobs, the spray needs to stay on for a longer time to melt the molds and grime, followed by a rinse and wipe with a sponge. For that shiny look, use a moist cloth to polish the surfaces. It is also absolutely safe to use to clean baby bathtubs. The best feature about the Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner is the shiny modern look and pleasant smell it leaves on surfaces polished. 


  • It is the chosen brand choice by professional cleaners
  • It leaves bathtubs looking brand new
  • Less time consuming
  • It has a pleasant lemon water scent making the air breathable while you clean
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multi-Purpose



  • Does not work on rust and iron stains
  • It is slightly more pricey than average bathroom cleaners
  • Not the best for oven cleaning
  • It would be best if you did not use this bathtub cleaner on wood surfaces.


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

This cleaner is an all-purpose bath spray cleaner that cleans bathroom surfaces 3x better than the original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It tackles bathroom soap scum, resistant water, and grime in all the rugged areas in a bathroom using its foaming cleanser lift and micro-scrubbers. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber is fittest for cleaning glass shower, doors ceramic tile shower walls and porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs. This cleaner is a squeegee sponge that can be replaced after use or wear off with a modern sponge replicating the same performance. It is an affordable product you can enjoy in the house for ordinary cleaning.

The newly activated Durafoam allows you to absorb impossible stains into the smooth wet sponge. To clean, you will need to wet the sponge, squeeze, and erase. It’s 4x stronger than any multi-purpose bleacher sprays. It cleans bathrooms, walls, and kitchen appliances. There should be regular rinsing of the surface after using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber when cleaning areas where food goes. It should be unmixed or used collectively with other household cleaners or chlorine bleach. 


  • It is a budget-friendly product
  • The sponge is a multi-tasker, it handles many jobs by itself; it cleans, glazes and shines bathtubs
  • The sponge is changeable for different users on different fixtures and different days
  • It produces fast results; no waiting time needed



  • Cannot be used on acrylic bathtubs
  • The sponge lasts for two cleans before it starts to come apart.
  • Muscle needed to scrub.


Home Armor FG502

This Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover is a unique bathroom cleaner made from a patented formula that helps prevent mildew and mold stains return. It creates a long-term prevention solution as a cleaner. This bathroom cleaner is safe to use outdoors and indoors. It’s safe on fiberglass; aluminum; cultured marble; glass; acrylic; PVC; Formica; vinyl; rubber; porcelain; chrome; plastic and stone (except organic sculptures). It cleans mineral deposits (calcium and lime), Soap scum, and mildew stains with no scrubbing. It is twice as strong as other products on the market and can use bleach with it.

Additionally, its a multi-purpose home cleaner that can block molds. It constructs a long-lasting barrier recognized as the armor that helps keep homes cleaner longer. It is practical and swift as it cleans in seconds without any scrubbing. It is affordable to get and easy to use. You will need to spray and leave it for longer if molds are hard. It will magically remove all rust and stains.


  • Made from a unique patent formula targeted specifically for Molds and Mildew 
  • Protects, renews and restores
  • No scrubbing needed.
  • A little goes a long way. May not need to use a lot of the product to remove the mold and mildew.



  • You will need to wear a mask because of the harsh fumes and smell.
  • Not made from 100% natural ingredients; it some chemical ingredients.
  • Not to be used on organic stones.


Bio Clean

This cleaner is a multi-purpose professional bathroom cleaner that removes tough water stains from various surfaces like bathtubs. It also removes stains from fiberglass, windows, glass doors, shower doors, windshields, toilets, tiles, chrome, steel, and granite. It’s an effective bathroom cleaner that eliminates year old mold, mildew; rust; spots, and stains. Bio clean is an environmentally friendly cleaning formula that does not produce harmful fumes and produces an unpleasant toxic smell. It’s a Biodegradable formula that works with non-chemical compounds and is abrasive based. 

Bio clean is a represented industry Approved Lab Tested bathroom cleaner. It is a safe and effective bathroom cleaner used in most industries, from hospitals to hotels. Bio clean comes in a kit that Cleans, Seals, and Maintains. It is not the quickest cleaning bathroom cleaner, which will see the bathtub being rinsed off and dried with a towel afterward. For use, Bioclean will need to be mixed with temperate water beforehand. It cleans tubs and drains. It should be applied and left in the bathtub for some time for it to be effective. 



  • You can get a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase if it does not work.
  • Its biodegradability
  • It’s a deep cleaning product
  • Safe to use without gloves and has no fumes


  • Can leave scratch marks on acrylic bathtubs
  • Needs water dilution before use, cannot be used directly.


The Winner

The winner and the best product for me from the above review is Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner. Like its competitors, it’s a useful product cleaner for bathrooms and bathtubs that will deliver. This cleaner rises out on top because it’s a natural multi-purpose deep cleaner. It leaves the bathtub looking sparkling new and shiny clean while killing all bacteria and germs. It’s effortless to use and does not use bleach. Professional cleaners highly recommend this cleaner. It has a pleasant smell while cleaning and can be used in heavy-duty industries as well as on households’ indoor and outdoor fixtures.

I enthusiastically recommend this cleaner because it does not damage bathtub materials like acrylic, plastic, and fiberglass when cleaning. It is unharmful and will produce the results you’re looking to achieve. It can be employed as a daily cleaning product in your household, making it worth the cost. 

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