Best Bathroom Power Scrubber

Keeping your bathroom clean can be daunting. However, this task will become an easy task if you choose to use a power scrubber. It is undoubtedly conventional equipment that you will most certainly need.

Shopping for the best bathroom scrubber is never an easy task. What’s even more confusing is finding the bathroom power scrubber for your home. Many people may feel that the bathroom is easier to clean using the traditional floor scrubber. However, if you don’t pay attention to what type of brush head you use, it may leave a permanent scratch on your bathtub and tile wall surface. Fortunately, here are the best bathroom power scrubbers we could find.

In this article, we’re going to review the following scrubbers:

Best Bathroom Power Scrubber Reviews

Below is a list of the top bathroom power scrubber on the market. A brief synopsis, product info, along with pros, cons are provided.

Drill Brush

This is an ideal cleaning product for your bathroom. It can be multi-purpose used for bathroom surfaces, bathtub, shower walls, tile floor, and grout. This cleaning kit comes with three different sizes and shapes of brushes, good enough for you to clean the bathroom surface. The smallest brush is excellent for spot cleaning and detailing. You can use the medium one to clean the corners of a bathtub, showers, sinks, tile walls, and more. Meanwhile, the biggest one is designed for flat surface cleaning. These nylon bristles will not scratch and are safe on tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain.

  • Multiple purpose cleaning kit
  • Can attach to your cordless drill
  • Worry-free to use on bathroom surface
  • 90 days no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • Time-consuming if cleaning large area
  • The drill is not included in this cleaning kits
  • If applied too much pressure may cause the bristles to come off

Homitt Electric Spin Brush

This is one of the best electric spin scrubbers products under Homitt. This scrubber product has rechargeable batteries, which can last continuously for up to two hours. The maximum rotating speed is about 300 RPM, which is good enough to wash and wipe the dirt. One of the excellent features is its brush head can adjust to be tilted or versatile by pressing the button on the head. This scrubber comes with four packs of replacement cleaning brushes. Those brushes allow you to cover from small areas like edges and corners up to the large flat surface area, like a sink, bathtub, tile floor, and wall. The scrubber brush head is waterproof and safe to use under wet conditions. 

  • Waterproof feature for long-lasting performance
  • Options of brushes
  • Quick charge feature
  • The quality of the bristles is good and will not easily deform
  • Extendable stainless-steel handle
  • 12 months warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Customer reviews that some of the scrubber brush head is frayed badly after using for some period
  • Torque is under power if compared to the drill


BLACK+DECKER power scrubber brush is another cordless power scrubber that is built for cleaning tough dirt and grime. This power scrubber is a highly sealed design that makes it resistant to splash water and is fully submersible. It has a rubber over-molded handle, which gives you a slip-free and comfortable grip. The size is very handy and best to use for quick cleaning bathtub, grout, and sinks. This power scrubber requires four AA batteries to run. It comes with two heavy-duty scrub pads. For those like a simple yet powerful scrubber, this product can meet this requirement.

  • Small, light and easy to use
  • Cordless scrubber
  • Perfect for scrubbing the sink, remove the soap scum on the shower and bathtub
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Very handy for getting corners or areas that are difficult to scrub
  • No built-in and rechargeable batteries
  • Spin speed is slower if compared to other bigger size scrubber

Ellesye Electric Spin Scrubber

This is a cordless and water-resistant electric spin scrubber product that was made by Ellesye. One of the coolest things about this scrubber is the lightweight design and powerful cleaning ability. This power scrubber can spin up to 300 RPM, which gives you enough scrubbing force to scrub away tough stains or dirt with ease. This scrubber has a built-in rechargeable battery as a power source that can last continuously up to 70 minutes; it is more portable and allows you to use it for long working duration. 

Another one of my favorite features of this scrubber is it comes with the 41-inch extendable handle. This feature makes people easy to reach and clean high areas like ceilings or even air conditioning vents. This scrubber product will provide you three replaceable brush heads to meet multiple cleaning purposes. Those brush heads allow you to cover the sink, bathtub, ceramic tile ground, and hard to reach areas. With all the great features, this scrubber is an ideal gift for mom, wife, or anyone else who hates cleaning!

  • Lightweight design and easy to use
  • Allow you to hang it, make it easy for charging and store it without taking up too much space.
  • Waterproof design product
  • Replaceable brush heads are included
  • Powerful spinning torque that saves the cleaning time
  • Brush head bristles will ruin out easily if applied too much force
  • The scrubber may be hard to control for certain people as the scrubber head is spinning quite fast

Homitt Electric Spin Power Brush (Short)

This is a cordless and handheld electric scrubber product designed by Homitt. With this design, it aims to improve with a traditional cleaning brush with a manual. This scrubber is portable and fast to clean the bathroom, bathtub, shower, tile, tub, kitchen area, and so on. 

One of the great features of this scrubber is the fact that its spinning speed can reach up to 280 RPM. This spinning power is pretty good enough to provide a powerful strength to clean stains and dirty spots. It includes three cleaning brushes that suit several different areas. With a 90-minutes battery life for one full charge cycle, it can meet daily cleaning needs.

  • Lightweight design and easy to use
  • Convenient storage with hook design
  • Options of brushes
  • Powerful spinning torque that saves the cleaning time
  • 12 months warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee
  • No option for the extendable handle
  • Non-rubber over-molded handle, which may slip easily

What Is The Best Bathroom Power Scrubber ?

The power scrubber is a fantastic cleaning tool for the bathroom. Choosing the right product can help you feel more relaxed when doing cleaning jobs. There are a lot of features to consider before you purchase the best power scrubber for your bathroom, so what is your priority?

Do you want to sacrifice the comfortable handling for a multi-purpose scrubber, or would you like to get a higher quality and don’t mind paying a little bit more?

After spending hours doing research and examined customer reviews to pinpoint the best bathroom scrubber product on the market, my top pick is Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber. If you want to go for a budget pick, BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush will be your best choice.

Just remember to always use the scrubber manual instruction to avoid it damaging your bathroom. In short, regular cleaning is the best way to keep the bathroom looking clean. 

Cleaning A Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom will become an easy task if you choose to use a power scrubber
Cleaning a bathroom will become an easy task if you choose to use a power scrubber

Some factors make it hard to clean the bathroom. The bathroom is an area that always lacks ventilation as we used to close it after using it. As a result, it leads to a build-up of black mold and mildew on shower curtains, walls, sealant, and grout. You have to scrub the area with some chemical solution and rinse with water to remove those mold and mildew. As we need to use a lot of water to deep clean the bathroom, but slow draining plugholes make us need to wait for the soapy water to drain away. End up, we were spending longer cleaning time. 

It’s tiring and not fun to spend your best time cleaning your bathroom. However, if you leave it unclean for a week or more, the grout starts to get moldy in the shower, the grime will rest on the shower screen, the cleaning work becomes more troublesome. Spending your weekend getting in behind the bathroom to scrub is certainly not something we are willing to do. 

What is the best bathroom cleaner?

Scrubbing the bathroom’s floor and the wall is a tiring task that requires a lot of energy. Getting the best power scrubber to help you maintain your shower room is a good idea. A power scrubber is perfect to use for the bathroom cleaner. It has a higher cost compared to a regular traditional scouring pad; however, the benefits of using power scrubber is still worth considering.

Save Energy And Time

Using a power scrubber to clean the bathroom requires your little effort. You need to apply some pressure during cleaning, then it is able to dust off the stubborn stains on the tile floor and wall, sink, toilet bowl, and bathtub. Most of the power scrubbers that sell in the market have sufficient power to drive enough energy to clean tough stains , dirt, and soap scum off with ease. You are able to get the job done with a power scrubber compared to you scrub on the surfaces manually. Both the power scrubbers and conventional floor scrubbers do comparable work for you. The only difference between them is that you can skip the exertion of effort with the manual scrubbers and shorten the shower room cleaning time by half. 

Cleaning Efficiency

Best power scrubbers come with a wide variety of brush head sizes and different hardness to serve for various shower room cleaning purposes. Using a bigger brush head, you can clean much larger spaces far quicker and more efficiently. While using a smaller brush head, you can get into tight spaces and hard to reach areas for a thorough clean. The brush head that is made by nylon bristles is safe to use on your bathtub, tile wall, and floor, and it will not scratch the surfaces.

Protect Your Body

Scrubbing the bathroom using the conventional floor scrubbers can be a tiring house task, and sometimes it can hurt your hands in doing the job. However, if you use the right power scrubber, you can avoid harming your body when doing the job. Some power scrubbers come with an extendable handle, which allows you to maintain a comfortable posture and no need to bend your back or knee to do the cleaning job.

Faster Drying Time

Usually, a power scrubber only needs less water to remove the dirt, so it is much more hygienic and environmentally friendly. Since the power scrubber utilizes less water, it does not leave the surface as wet as the conventional floor scrubbers. It makes the floor dry quicker and avoid other family members from slipping due to the damp floor.

Easier To Use

Nowadays, power scrubbers are having a lot of designs that make your cleaning work more relaxed, comfortable, and hassle-free. Power scrubbers are more natural to use, thanks to the lightweight, cordless, and non-slip handle designs. Besides, you won’t take long to learn how to operate it; you only need to attach a suitable brush head, turn it on, and then can start to scrub. While most of the power scrubbers are using the rechargeable battery as a power source, this makes it more portable.

 Thing To Know When Buying The Best Power Scrubber

There are various types and different brands of power scrubber selling in the market, it makes the consumer shop for a reliable and practical scrubber is never an easy feat. Choosing the perfect cordless power scrubber will allow you to enjoy your time while doing the house chores. However, a bad quality scrubber can do damage to your bathroom like leaving a scratch on the bathtub and shower walls. Here are some of the products key features you want to consider when you plan to buy a scrubber.

Type Of Brush Heads

Firstly, you should consider what kind of surface you want to wash. It is always best to look for the one modal that offers you a few different brushes in various sizes, shapes, and stiffness. Smaller brush heads can ensure you are able to clean the hard to reach edge area easily while the larger brush heads can help you cover more space and make the cleaning time fast and effective.

Most of the models offer you different stiffness level brushes from stiff to soft. You need to ensure the stiffness level that you get is best for your cleaning surface type. A hard brush is commonly used for heavy-duty things like remove hard water stains, wash the grout, tile floor, patio, and brick. A soft brush is for non-scratch cleaning on surfaces that need extra care like a bathtub and tile wall.

Cordless And Battery Life

Most scrubbers are cordless, portable, and power source by a built-in rechargeable battery. You should check how long a fully charged battery can last for when you do daily cleaning and time for it to recharge fully. The typical battery life offer in the market is allowing the user to run for 50-70 minutes and take you about three hours to fully recharge. The benefit of a cordless scrubber with a rechargeable battery as the power source is you no need to look for a socket.

If you need a longer running time, you can choose the model that offers removable batteries. The best thing about a removable battery as a power source is you can buy an additional battery for backup, so you no need to waste your time to wait for recharging.

Design And Waterproof

For cleaning a large area, it is better to choose lightweight and extendable handles, which allow you to adjust the handle height to your comfort level and the brush able to reach the cleaning area. An ergonomically designed, adjustable handle keeps you away from the cleaning area and helps reduce back pain and strain.

If you need to move closer to the dirty corner, you should look for the shorter handheld type scrubber and have the anti-skid design. Shorter handheld makes the scrubber easier to move around while the anti-skid design allows us to hold it more firm and comfortable, best for long time use.

 As we are going to use the scrubber in wet conditions most of the time, so you need to ensure the one you choose comes with a waterproof seal or with a waterproof design. Waterproof features can protect the scrubber damaged by the water and make it easier to work under wet conditions.

Rotating Speed Or Torque

The other important feature to check for is the rotating speed or torque that can be delivered. The scrubber should be able to have 300 and higher RPM (rotation per minute). Power scrubber with this rating is powerful enough to remove tough stains and dirt, soap scum off with ease.

Accessories And Attachments

Usually, the power scrubber comes with various brushes and additional handles as accessories. The standard brush head shapes are a corner, flat, and round. That brush head diameter range is about two to five inches. Some brands may offer you an additional extension handle like a telescopic rod that you can extend your brushes. Pay attention to understand what accessories come with the model; make sure the brush attachments you want are coming together. Ideally, you also can consider the model that offers an inexpensive replacement brush, and it helps you save your cost.

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