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Best automatic toilet bowl cleaner

As a mum having a clean, beautiful bathroom is something I desire, but also the place I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning, especially the toilet. I never know the condition my son is leaving the toilet in when using the bathroom. 

The toilet is the one place in the house that should stay hygienic and clean but is most prone to unpleasant odors and germs. With a child in the house that can catch anything easily using the best automatic toilet bowl cleaner that cleans and saves time is essential. 

The review will be on the following automatic toilet bowl cleaners in this article;

Tips That Keep Your Toilet Clean

1. For Stubborn Rings Use Coca Cola to Clean 

This favorite soft drink is a scum fighting hero when it comes to banishing rings, due to its acidic base. You can have a sparkling toilet for a low cost, with smooth sides that prevent build-up once again.

2. Drop-in Fizzing Tablet with Essential Oils 

Create your bottle of these amazing fizzing tablets (from a mixture of citric acid and baking soda and a slow drizzle of hydrogen peroxide)  by pouring the solution into a small soap mold or ice tray. Airtight containers are placed in the bathroom once with these finished tablets. Drop a few of these tablets a day to maintain a consistent level of cleanliness.

3. Use Commercial Cleaners

Industrial cleaners are best suited for stains in hard water as they contain acid and also a disinfectant. Search for those that contain hydrogen, chloride, muriatic acid, or HCL. Sadly, they may be rough on your skin and eyes, so wearing gloves is fine. Do not use bleach, because that will establish rust stains.

4. Before Cleaning, Tape the Siphon Jets

Before you can flush down vinegar in the toilet bowl. It would be best if you taped over the siphon jets using a heavy tape. Taping is a crucial step followed through when cleaning the toilet and is after shutting off the water, cleaning the rim, and flushing the bowl. This way, the toilet bowl won’t get dirtier quicker.

5. Use Vinegar Mix to Scrub the Bowl with

Rather than mixing a solution in advance, emulate this part of cleaning and pour one of each of the product components separately. A combination of the ingredients in the toilet bowl will see a reaction that will produce the best effect on the settled grime there.

6. Use sandpaper to get rid of Impenetrable Scum Rings

You can gently buff away impossible stains using wet sandpaper. This trick is best for those scum rings that are hard to tackle as in the future scoring the toilet bowl can lead to further build-up in

7. Use toilet cleaners tools 

You will need a toilet brush that goes deep into the toilet bowl and under the rims because of its contoured body. A brush with an easy-grip handle, not made or uses metal as that can cause scratching but is made of plastic bristles and is flexible.

Advantages of Using an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Using automatic toilet bowl cleaners compared to other types of toilet cleaners has several advantages; the included benefits are:

Save time

  • You can clean toilets easily without needing the help of professionals
  • You won’t have to scrub or wash your toilet bowl every day saving you effort and time 
  • Eliminates lime scales and toilet rings

Long-lasting Impacts

  • Leaves the toilet with a fresh, lasting scent that freshens the bathroom
  • Most bowl-cleaners will deter harmful bacteria from forming
  • Septic and plumbing system remains safe ensuring they last longer

Always Maintain Cleanliness

  • An attractive option for homeowners as its affordable and easy to use
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Every flush will see your toilet cleaned

Safe To Family

  • It eliminates harmful bacteria and germs which provides a safe toilet bowl for the family
  • There are no chemicals to overwhelm your nose or burn your eyes
  • Environmentally friendly items are recommended for use, practically and sparingly. It is not necessary to use large quantities of the cleaner to clean effectively, but often greater exposure provides a better outcome. Can leave your products overnight for better cleaning the next morning. 

What Should You Look for When Choosing an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Your budget is an influential factor. It’s not necessary to have an expensive toilet cleaner. A lot of reasonably priced cleaners have better cleaning performance than pricey ones.

Several of the cheaper products are very good and extract nearly three times as much of the contaminants in comparison with expensive cleaners. That’s not to say costly products are inadequate; typically, the expensive products have safer chemicals and added features that make them better performers as compared to the cheaper products.

Lifespan Of The Cleaner

For effective cleaning of the toilet bowl’s, the toilet bowl cleaners need to have a lifespan of a week minimum for effect. Consistent weekly deep cleaning and regular toilet bowl and surface cleaning using disinfectant spray will ensure the toilet stays glossy and shiny. When you disinfect the toilet bowl’s tank, lid, handle surfaces, and seat, they can stay clean for at least a week.


Caution is necessary when selecting toilet cleaners. Some products contain many chemicals that cause damage that is irreversible to the skin and eyes. Read the ingredients thoroughly, so you know what’s in each product. Take caution as some products contain microorganisms that can inflict serious illness through diseases. Toilet cleaner’s objective is killing microorganisms. Disinfecting products with antibacterial agents will offer a germ-free toilet that is sparkling clean. Opt for automatic cleaners that are bleach-free and eco-friendly.

Mode of Application

When choosing a toilet bowl cleaner, an important thing to remember is that it should have a sloping neck that can easily fit the bowl of the toilet. Cartridges are installed in the toilets water tank using the flush valve of the tanks overflow tube to clean. Tablets are placed into the water tanks using the flushed water to wash. Gel cleaners are stuck on the inside the toilet bowl’s directly cleaning the bowl using water from the tank as an aid.

Type Of The Cleaner

There is a large variety of automatic toilet cleaners that you can buy from the market today. The cleaners are manufactured in different forms like liquid cleaners, foam, tablets, and powder toilet cleaners. Each of these automatic cleaners come with various ingredients, so the automatic cleaners have to work efficiently and effectively to remove stains, limescale, and rust in areas that are difficult to reach. Remember to check the ingredients when picking out an effective automatic cleaner.

Best automatic toilet bowl cleaner Reviews

No cleaner that able to fits for everyone. Every one of us requires a different cleaning effect. I have accumulated a list of five best automatic toilet bowl cleaners for you to pick. They are given below with their pros and cons sides, if any. Go through the lines, and I hope it will help you to make up your mind.

Kaboom Scrub

Kaboom is the best heavy-duty automatic toilet bowl cleaner to remove even the harshest hard water stains. This specialty formula dissolves built-up hard water stains, limescale, and rust from the toilet bowls insides, its inserted inside the tank, making it invisible to the unknowing. The automatic toilet bowl cleaning system uses installed cartridges that need to be refilled with toilet tablets when needed. Additional seen benefits include the ability to reduce scrubbing, eliminating mold accumulation, and providing a clean, pleasant odor. Furthermore, this automatic cleaner keeps your toilet bowl clean for up to 9 months, with each pouch being replaced every 3 months, thus by far having the most extended lifespan as compared to its competitors. Likewise, it is a safe cleaner for all tanks and septic systems. Also, it has easy to follow instructions, as well as the ingredients of the product’s content, are listed on the package so buyers can decide if the product is suitable for their home and home use.


  • Eliminates odors while it cleans
  • Has a long-lasting effect
  • An affordable brand compared to its competitors
  • Uses environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Lessens manual cleaning time


  • The first installation of cartridges can be challenging for most
  • The size may not be suitable for all flush tank sizes
  • Expensive refill discs

Iron OUT Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner lasts for 45 days with each tablet, thus ensuring 45 days of toilet bowl cleaning. Furthermore, it’s the best cleaner to remove iron and limestone stains as it cleans while additionally preventing residue formation. The tablets fight tough stains and the accumulation of rust, eliminating mineral deposits and stains.

Likewise, this product helps prevent rust in plumbing and septic tanks. It has a highly concentrated formula, aiding in preventing the formation of stains. It’s simple to use, requiring the drop of one tablet into the bowl, then a flush to get a clean, germ-free toilet bowl.


  • Destroys bacteria and germs
  • Effortless when using
  • Prevents the build-up of mineral residue and rusts
  • Can be used to clean toilet bowls, plumbing, and septic tanks


  • Has a very harsh overpowering smell
  • Does not last for 45 days, last less

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In today’s climate, the best products are those that are environmentally conscious and do not cause harm. This automatic toilet bowl cleaner for the environment does not use harmful chemicals. It destroys harmful bacteria and microorganisms efficiently, killing up to 99.9 percent of all germs found in the toilet bowl water. Moreover, it cleans effectively; with every flush, it will repel tough stains and can last up to 3 months when mixed with bleach. Additionally, it cleans hard water stains in toilet bowls for both residential and commercial buildings. Likewise, it also eliminates the build-up of minerals and prevents scale stains in toilet bowls.


  • It has a life cycle of 3 months when bleach and eight of the Clorox tablets are combined.
  • Cleans the toilet with each flush as well as repel stains
  • Eliminates everyday scrubbing
  • Saves money and time with each flush due to the bleach in the product


  • Gives off a strong scent of bleach

Lysol Click Gel

This product prevents germs from spreading, cleans numerous types of residue in the toilet bowl by tackling the bacteria fast when flushed. The automatic toilet bowl cleaner comes in the form of a gel enabling it to disinfect the entire toilet bowl with each flush. The gel is less acidic and much easier to use than tablets or any other liquid cleaners. Additionally, this automatic toilet bowl cleaner removes limescale stains, tough messes, and soap scums. Furthermore, it washes all dangerous bacteria, which causes diseases and bad odors.


  • Every flush cleans the toilet
  • Freshens and deodorizes toilet bowls
  • Each gel continuously cleans for one week
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs with each flush
  • Very user-friendly


  • Scent is overpowering
  • The product can sometimes cause watering to the eyes

Fluidmaster 8100 Flush

This automatic toilet bowl cleaning system takes the trouble out of the toilet cleaning process. The automatic toilet bowl cleaner is a self-cleaning cartridge. Moreover, a refilling of a blue cleaning solution into the cartridge leaves it sparkling and clean. It uses the flush valve of the tanks overflow tube to clean the toilet bowl. Unlike its competitors such as specific fluid and tablet cleaners, it’s not harmful to the toilet tank, fill valve and flapper as it is not placed directly on the toilet material. Moreover, its design ensures it fits all types of toilet models as the size is universal. 

Additionally, it uses a guide with easy steps to follow for the installation and refill process. Furthermore, it cleans easily, cleaning up to 3 months, leaving your toilet fresh and clean, depending on use and frequency. The toilet bowl will clean itself, cleaning away all stains, sediments that are brown and iron-based, as well as residue. Additionally, it washes away spotted black rings in the toilet bowls water line.


  • Cartridges are quick and easy to replace
  • Great replacement for tablets and liquids that harm tank material such as the flapper
  • Does not require scrubbing as its self-cleaning
  • Has a life cycle of up to 3 months
  • A unique design that fits all toilet sizes


  • Requires some labor for installation


Not sure which one to choose? My final verdict from the above great cleaners on which one product is the best automatic toilet bowl cleaner will be the Kaboom Scrub. This cleaner is environmentally friendly and won’t cause harm to your health or families and pets. It cleans hard water stains, limescale, and rust from the toilet bowls inside effectively. Additionally, it does not cause harm to the tank and flapper material as it uses cartridges that are refillable using tablets. Furthermore, it’s an affordable product that has a long-lasting effect and lessens manual cleaning time as no scrubbing is required. 

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