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Hello everyone! My name is Cathy Yan, a mother to a baby boy, Kai. Other than taking care of my baby boy, I’m also running a guest house business. Being a mother and a career woman at the same time is quite challenging for me at the beginning. But, contented of taking care of my family as well as able to tidy up and clean the houses.

I found that actually running a guest house is like organize a house. I have always put my effort into taking care of my house and guest houses. So when I saw my family members or guests come home with smiling faces, it has been my driving force to do it better.

Why I start this?

The main aim I want to share my real-life experience and inspiration to help you create your cozy home. Good quality of living can create stronger bonding among the family. It’s very important to ensure every family members stay in a comfortable and clean house.

Most people when they come across the word housewife they’ll first think about cleaning. A woman should stay at home and clean the whole day, right? Yet, that isn’t what it is all about. It’s important to say that being a housewife is not the only way a woman can live her life. Women are capable of doing anything and everything. Our life doesn’t have to be chaos because you have children.

In fact, you can make household tasks more enjoyable. We actually can spend a little time a day on housekeeping, then we will have a clean home all week long.

Cathy Yan @ cozyhomebuddy.com

What’s In It For You?

So why should you read “CozyHomebuddy”? I would say, the main reason you would want to check us out is that you want to dramatically improve your house comfortable level in a relaxing way

If you resonate with the following statements, you will enjoy the content you find on this site:

  • You want a cozy relaxing feeling when you come back to your home after a day of working.
  • You want to focus on family moments instead of spending hours on housekeeping.
  • You want gear advice based on customer experience and not commercial sales pages

If you are on board with this, I look forward to having you read my guides and tests. You can start planning your cleaning schedule.

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